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  • A serious question...

    I am sure this has been asked before, and I hope this isnt a taboo topic, but I have a question.

    As I have said before, as far as I know, I dont have any Native American blood in me, but I have been trying to learn about the ways of the First People for a long time.

    I have heard of people "walking the path" or "walking the Red Road". I was wondering, is that something that is more New Age than Native American? I know they "borrowed" some of the beliefs of the Native Americans and have made them a sort of amalgam of beliefs.

    I would like to...well, become a more spiritually aware, of Mother Earth and all she would have me learn from her.. I know this sounds rather silly coming from a white person, but I hold Native Americans in the highest regard. This is not a "trying to be Indian" thing at all. I want to try to better myself and live more in harmony with my surroundings.

    So I ask the question, have you all walked that "Red Road"? And if so, would one such as me be permitted to try to learn these ways as well? I hope so. Perhaps if I am, you guys can give me a good place to start my journey and research this?

    Thanks in adavance.

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    Im sure there are things you can do to feel one with whatever your lookin for but there are things that non natives shouldnt even experience, sometimes these harmonizing things can hurt someone nonnative or of a different tribe...We are all Native, BUT we are not the same tribe, different tribe, different beliefs, different ways.

    " say what I feel, I say what I think, I say what you do not like, Yet for some reason what I say is somewhat correct" Chief Big Beef 1999


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      Oh, I agree 100% with some of that. I know that there are alot of things I never will, and shouldn't experience.. A sweat, a vision quest, etc.

      But still, there are things that I think I *CAN* and would like to learn. Not to become something I am not, but to help myself to become a better person.


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        u mean like anthropological studies?
        The only time its too late to start dancing is when you're dead.


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          Originally posted by Seaweed
          Oh, I agree 100% with some of that. I know that there are alot of things I never will, and shouldn't experience.. A sweat, a vision quest, etc.

          But still, there are things that I think I *CAN* and would like to learn. Not to become something I am not, but to help myself to become a better person.
          Sounds like you've already made up your mind - why'd you bother asking?


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            No, I haven't made up my mind at all.

            I am still trying to learn as much as I can, about as much as I can, and make an informed descision, but I really dont know where to start, research wise.

            I was hoping maybe some people had books or websites that they might suggest for me to read up on.


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              I am just gonna' jump in here. I think that if you are really interested in bettering yourself you need to first look in the mirror so to speak and see what needs to be bettered. If you are looking to learn more about Native American religion/spirituality you should realize that there are many common beliefs and many uncommon beliefs. But since, as you yourself have stated, you are not Native American bettering yourself by trying to take a path that may not be for you is not bettering yourself. I understand that you want to live in harmony with your surroundings and think that you are being respectful of everyone. I do not reccomend getting your information from websites and books though. There are some good ones out there but there are some really hokey ones as well. If I was you and wanted to do something to better myself or whatever, I would do what I could as a non-native person to try to help improve situations for Native Americans, and raise awareness in the community that you are already in and get your people involved in your efforts. If you are interested in Native American people you should start with what is happening with Native Americans today and learn about that, and then or simultaneously, learn about history, and culture.

              But like I said bettering your own self can only be done by looking in the mirror and seeing what it is about yourself that you want to change...and then making those changes. Not by trying to grab someone elses mirror and see what they see.

              Good luck!

              (u seem nice):)


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                Thanks.... That is some seriously good advice..

                There are a few things that I have been doing already, little things, like being a part of WWF (World Wildlife Fund, not the wrestling thing) :) and such, but I feel like it needs to be more. What I would love to do is see about recycling where I am. I am in an apartment, and so we dont have recycling pick-up.
                It is one of those things I mean to do but dont.. I think I will remedy that soon.
                Dealing with Native Americans, I know Florida is Seminole country, though I am sure there are lots of other smaller tribes around that are not well known.
                I need to do a little research about the area, and see if there are any foundations, for the Seminoles (even though most probably live south of where I am, I am sure they are all over the state in smaller numbers).

                If anyone here happens to live in or around Florida and has a place for me to start, that would be nice. Otherwise I will do a little Internet searching soon.


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