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  • Favorite Place to Eat

    Ok... where is your favorite place to eat.. and where?
    No food chains.. but places that are best known to the area!!

    This would be great reference material... especially if you're headed to a pow wow in an area that you've never been to before!!

    Ok Char... start raving about NiMarco's pizza now!! *LOL*

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    mmmmm if you are ever in flagstaff, az.. you gotta try two great places there!!

    One is Ni Marco's Pizza.. located on Beaver street :p in "south side" LMAO :rofl2: mmmm they are a family owned place ..its been there since i was a lil kid :D and they are still there and the pizza has not changed any....:Thumbs

    another great eatery in Flagstaff is BunHuggers!! They are a hamburger place and there are only 2 in flagstaff, a west and east side location! The burgers are grilled on an open pit fire lol..and their fries.. they are oh sooooo delicious!! *L* mmmmm

    I gotta make a trip up to flag just to eat at them places *L*


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      MMmmm but those are the two places i try and visit when i go back to Northern for Bunhuggers.. they do have a lounge.. but you gotta get the "inside scoop" of the lounge from Xammy and Dazzle *L* :rofl2:


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        You can't leave Flagstaff without having HOTWINGS at Granny's Closet. They used to be 10 cents a wing back in the day... but the popularity caused the price to go up! Definitely worth checking out. :Thumbs

        Don't be surprised if you see XAMMY eating in a darkened corner! I saw her last time... and she was sure enjoying her lunch! :p


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          in Calgary....

          Chicken on the way!! :42:
          Hockey is soul food.


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            i want some chicken!
            blah blah blah....


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              Best place int he bay area-my mom's kitchen! No one comes close to her cookin! No one!

              Bun huggers?????????? *laughin at that*I bet dazzle and burb are there on a daily basis.


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                If you're ever in Kinnear, WYO (pop. 5) eat at the LaCantina Restaurant - right next to the Rezeride Bar.
       is what it is...


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                  Originally posted by Dancin by the bay
                  Best place int he bay area-my mom's kitchen! No one comes close to her cookin! No one!

                  Bun huggers?????????? *laughin at that*I bet dazzle and burb are there on a daily basis.

                  gawww if i lived up in kinlaani then i would be there daily :p so i think dazzle and xammy are in the lounge tho on a daily basis


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                    Anyone in Tucson recommend a place to eat? I think we're following I-10 to Indio.

                    I love Lotaburger, but that's a food chain. Hmmm... dang, I don't know. All I can think of right now is ...iin Gallup ...that one place near Long John Silver's.....shoooot..where you can eat and have all these people come up with their jewelry to sell. ??? I forgot. It's been a while since I've been in Gallup. ( think Cher would know, huh Cher?? :D )

                    I can't even recommend any restaurants around this part of southeast Texas. they're mainly fast food or food chains.
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                      Claim Jumpers :)

                      and I've only eaten there once!! :Chatter but it's good stuff.

                      Not to mention: Granny's, Garcia's, Souper Salad, Panda Express and on ocassion, Taco Hell :p

                      Sorry N8 ... no ode to Pancho's!! :rofl2:


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                        Joe & Aggie's in Holbrook AZ :Chatter
                        gooooooood eatin'!!

                        Earl's Restaurant in Gallup .. foods ok .. but if ya need to shop fer jewelry .. thas the place! :42:


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                          Chewy..if you've tried Claim Jumpers.. you gotta try and get to Damons :D :Thumbs there are only two locations down here wwwaayyy out on Power and Broadway and another on Gilbert and Warner... they are awesome!!! :Thumbs

                          *LMAO* panchos issssss yuccckkkk *L*


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                            burgersNmore in sapulpa oklahoma that is the bomb they got every thing oh and margies in sapulpa

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                            You got me lifted feeling so gifted Sugar how you get so fly?¿?

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                              Originally posted by step_2_da_side
                              Sorry N8 ... no ode to Pancho's!! :rofl2:

                              *LOL* Hey i'm sure he just likes to raise that FLAG!!! *LOL*


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