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~*~*~Happy Birthday jingle genie and step_2_da_side~*~*~

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  • ~*~*~Happy Birthday jingle genie and step_2_da_side~*~*~


    To my homiez Nonerz and Chewy, thx for all laffs and fun!! :huddle: You're both beautiful ppl inside and out. :49:

    I'm just sorry we can't have a party :devil somewherez!! :dancer:

    I hope you both have an awesome day!! :flowers:

    Hockey is soul food.

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    HEY! Yer supposed to wait until midnight!! LOL or ... is it already May 12 up thurr?? :Chatter


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      Happy Birthday my two beauty queen friends :)

      Hope ya's have a awesome day!!!!


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        YEAH! Happy Birfday Ladies!!! :42:

        Chewy - I knows ya wished for a certain someone :Naughty to SING to you on your bday but... I tried... lawd knows i tried LOL ... and... *sniff* hope you have *sniff* a splendiforous burrfday and *sniff* .. darn allergies!! jk ... yeah but anyways Navajo Elvis will be around again another time :rofl2: JUST KIDDING!!! I'll buy ya some Iced Tea L8r :D lol

        Nona - Hope you have an awesome day as well :) Stay kewl :Thumbs Dont eat too much frybread :42:


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          happy birthday,

          on a side note; some guy with the handle quese whiteeagle is 97!!
          thanks dad for showing me the way, teaching me the language, and not leaving my mother...*L*

          *RoUg3 MoD sTaTuS*


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            sorry mel :Chatter I had to be the 1st one to start this thread! :taunting: *LMAO*

            HAVE A GREAT DAY NONERZ AND CHEWY :worthy:
            Hockey is soul food.


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              HAPPY BURFDAY STEPS!!!

              I didn't know i get to share today with you!!! :1Party:

              Well, i just want to say spanks for the b-day wishes... I wish we could have a party too... Ole Scout Eyes has something up his sleeve and i'll tell you guys what it is when i find out!!

              Steps: It might not be today but, i might be able to deliver a certain someone with a big red bow on his head... :Tongue And nothing else!!! LMAO!! :JawDrop

              Just teasing, i just wish you the bestest of days!! Your one special chick and i'm just sooooooo happy i got to meet you and all my other "sisters"....
              :dancing45 :huddle: :dancing3:


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                :HappyBD:Happy Birthday!!!:HappyBD:

                OMG..its your birfdays *L* Hoolaayy!! i didn't even know *L*

                NONA!!! Happy Birthday SISTA!!! :huddle: Awwwww Steve better get you something really good too!!! Or its gonna be on like donkey kong :karate: *L* JK.. awwww sis.. i hope you have a good day and many many more to come!!! Enjoy your day!!! :man:


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                  I love the homies!! thanks for the luv!! :D

                  Shanda .... thanks for thinking of me :Heart

                  Nona... ur my twin ... we're just 4 years apart! :rofl2: thank u for thinking of him ... errr ... I mean ME :Chatter :Naughty I hope you have an awesome day too!!!! *hugs*

                  THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!



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                    :PTime: Happy Birthday Chewy!!! :PTime:

                    Hope you have a good day and you get what you want ...and many many more to come!!! :D :huddle:


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                      Happy Birthday to both of you. I guess I should add a happy smiley here somewhere. Hold on... :PTime: There ya go.
                      A bit of health advice:
                      "Every time you sit in with a drum means that you've sat in with every person who has ever sat in with that drum before."
                      -Dr. Watson


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                        Happy Birthday to both of you!! :HappyBD:


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                          HAPPY B-DAY to both of you.. lordy we have a lot of may babies on make sure you hit the over the hill party room ...LOL :)
                          "finding your best friend in life and love is glorious"


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                            :HappyBD: :1Party: :dancing3: Happy Birfday Nonerz and Chewster!!!!! 2 fellow homiez have dere birfdays....we should just take the rest of the week off and have a hella grand party!!!! and since it's your birthday chewy, I'LL Dance for you this time
                            I may not be alot of things....but I am discreet


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                              aaawes happy BIrfday to my BROz Chewy N Nonerz!! HAPPY B DAY GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ LUV SQuish!!!!
                              if I am a reflection of him then I must be fly ~india Arie


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