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Whats ur favorite kind of food?!!

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  • Whats ur favorite kind of food?!!

    Come on, whats ur favorite kind of food?!!! Mine would have to be a tie between Mexican and Italin food, hmmmmm!!
    :hey!:~*~ Wabnoquah ~*~ :hey!:

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    The cuisine of Thailand comes from the melding of Chinese with East Indian and a generous dose of seafood. Because Thailand was never a colony, its cuisine never degenerated toward Western tastes. Consequently, I think it is the best in the Orient with complexities of flavors only equalled by the French.

    Gee, ever wonder what kind of nummy cuisine Native Americans would have had if they had never been colonized by Europeans?
    When you are born into this world you reach for either a bow and quiver, which is blessed by the Sun, our Grandfather, or you reach for an awl and sewing bag, which is blessed by the moon, our Grandmother. From that time on you will follow that vision and be blessed.


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      Whoa thats a good background of your favorite food!!! Made my little post go to shame!! lol, just kidding, i like chinese food, that would be third on my list! I dont think thats the same food but its good!:ready2eat
      :hey!:~*~ Wabnoquah ~*~ :hey!:


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        greek cuisine is awsome and so is japanese.


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          a bucket of KFC....when times are good...
          a bowl of Froot Loops...when times are bad....

          Naw, j/k.... my favorite food is definitely Tex-Mex... Pappasito's in Houston is my all time fave...
          Oklahoma Proud!!!


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            Speaking of KFC, man i love their chicken BUT since i saw that video of them beating them chickens!! Man i am an animal lover and after seeing that, i dont know if i want to eat their chicken anymore, but yeah watch this weekend i will probably be there!! Jokes!
            :hey!:~*~ Wabnoquah ~*~ :hey!:


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              My favorites...high carbs probably.
              I love that song, let's turn the music up!

              Smilies is not my 1st Language


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                Mac & Cheese
                Chinese Food..Yum!


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                  Chinese and Mexican.. not just any ole mexican resturant that caters to white people.. I'm talking about the mom and pop kind of resturant.. food so good it'll make you slap yo mamma! no speedy gonzales for me or chimichanga.. give me pozole.. mole..gorditas y mas y mas!!!


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                    My All Time Favorite Food Is: "SEAFOOD!"

                    Particularly: " LOBSTER!", I also love Calamari, Clams, Crab, Fish, Scallops, Shrimp, , Quahogs, and Calamari>

                    Summerwaters :Wave :indian2:


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