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  • Guys and Gals - "just friends"

    OK when I was in CA last week I was listening to this talk show. This guy Tom Lakener or something says that (a male perspective) Men and Women can't be just friends. He says that a man is a woman's friend because he is attracted to her and hopes to some day get in her pants. And a woman makes a guy her friend cuz he's her -- I forget how he stated it -- like her fire extinguisher. You know, break glass in case of emergency kind of thing...

    So what is your view on this?

    I always thought that women and men can be friends but as I get older and wiser (less of a gyrl) then I am leaning more towards the RAdio guy's opinion...
    can be friends
    CAN'T be friends
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    I see no reason why they can't be friends - it just takes a mature mind :D or atleast a mind


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      OF COURSE!!!

      I truly believe that guys & gals can be FRIENDS! I'm the kinda gal that has mostly guy friends (& yes! we're STRICTLY FRIENDS).

      YEA, i agree w/the fella sayin' that guys are ultimately attracted to the girl & will probably jump at the opportunity to "get in her pants" if it was ever presented but are you suprised?? I mean that's just men!

      I talk w/a lot of my guy friends about these kinda thangs & it's true, men are definitely out to satisfy "ol' one eye" but who's to say that we can't be just friends???

      I gotta disagree w/the fire extinguisher thang tho, i wouldn't cross that line w/any of my friends. If i was attracted to them or wanted something more than thier friendship, then they probably wouldn't be my "friend" in the first place........i would've thrown my agressive ball in their court & held down the full court press!!! Hahaha...aye! But for real, i've always gotten along better w/da fella's, my closest friends are definitely my bros!

      *BE EASY*


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        Gotta Disagree Super Gal.....

        Sure Males and Females are attracted to each other, but ya gotta ease up on the instinct thing....
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          i think guy and gal could be just friends.


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            what do u mean ease up on the instinct thing?

            i said i'm starting to agree bcuz of personal experience... I disagree w/the woman - fire extinguisher thing. Cuz i definitely make friends w/people to just chill with and shoot the ****.

            I was mostly just curious about how guys would answer this thread, thats all.
            The only time its too late to start dancing is when you're dead.


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              I definately believe that men and women can be just friends - I have many male friends and yes I am very close with their wives too. I think that as we mature *read - Get OLD!!* we can get beyond those twitches of attraction or that "on the prowl" instinct and be friends. I think it helps and makes it easier with couples.


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                but.. most of the guy friend in up dating so.....:D but i also believe that you need friendship before dating anyone


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                  thats true... friendship... makes a better bond between people...
                  The only time its too late to start dancing is when you're dead.


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                    Woman believe in the whole friendship thing. Men are always thinking of you know what.
                    I had a "friend" and 5 years later he tells me about how he felt that whole time. I was shocked and now our friendship is awkward. It just depends, I guess.


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                      LOL* LOL* LOL*

                      I somewhat believe that men and women can be friends. Sometimes, it's a good thing then other times it doesn't work. Like I use to have this friend some what of a friend but things got to serious and we ended up dating. It didn't work and know we don't even talk.............
                      :flaming: Nah


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                        I also believe that men and women can be friends... I have a lot of guy friends, one of them is also my best friend
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                          yes men and women can be friends. I still hang out with some old gal's from school.we even go out to moveies some times but since I became both parents I slowed down and see them at powwows


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                            Can So Be Friends

                            aiight I agree wit Buckskinz Cuz I have a lot of Homeboyz and we Dont try too hook up or anythang. We Kick it go watch movies go Clubbin. Give Each other advise. Well we keep it real dont hide No Feelings We tell it like it is Well thats prolly jus me and my homeboyz But I think Men and Women can still be friends. Young Or Old ITs up to you and your "FRIEND" wither you Mature Or Not :Cooler :Lips:
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                              Most of my friends have been and probably will be guys. And there are many of them that I wouldn't EVER go to bed with--ICK! ha ha ha ha


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