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origami for dummies...aye

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  • origami for dummies...aye

    (saw this on a tv commercial)

    a piece of paper cant be folded more that 7 times...

    (i tried once and its true)

    any poindexters have an explanation?

    try this and see if its true..i command you aye

  • #2
    It has something to do with the how the thickness of the paper rises exponentially when you fold it. I learned the formula in math but forgot it. The highest number of folds I read about was 11 I think, and even then it was super thin paper.


    • #3
      i have to clarify folding in half....
      thx for the info kgirl7


      • #4
        No problem! It's hard to believe though isn't it? I still feel like it's not true even though i've learned about it.


        • #5
          i am goin to try on tissue paper..soemtime.... i just tried on toilet paper and it didnt work


          • #6
            I just tried with a kleenex an got it to fold in half pretty easy 8 times but, the 9th it just kinda kept rolling up an wouldnt fold over. Anyways ,I ended up getting kinda stuborn about getting it to fold that 9th time .
            I just hope my neighbors didn't look out their windows an see me out on the porch beatin the hellouta a kleenex with a hammer.

            I wonder If you had a realy realy big sheet of tissue paper ???


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              ^^ what a visual image!


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