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  • Oh snap! Alright then. I didn't notice that Smoket replied. You'll hear mine tonight.
    Got percap?


    • Patiently Waiting...
      ***Edited for explicit content***


      • I'm not here to battle. I'm just going to showcase some skills. This a verse from a song I'm working on. It's called Last 9. It's going to be a feel good party jam. Check it out and give me your two cents. Jackers will get dealt so don't try it. ;)

        You know I been around the block a few times
        I got my freak on once or twice at a few nines
        I hustle night and day in the land of purple rain
        Weekends are my time to forget the fast lane
        And powwows are the ideal three day getaways
        I go often as I can go those are my better days
        If I meet a honey and we click check this out, listen
        Would you mind if we're alone from 9:00-10:00 pm?
        You need to know me you see I'm from Minnesota
        You'd have a good time by my side let me show ya
        I'd like for us to get acquainted just you and I
        Park the ride someplace private and let the sparks fly
        Then we'll head to the nine and get our groove on
        Until sunrise that's when I break camp and move on
        We might not chill again this could be the last nine
        Get it in perspective there might not be a next time
        So get into it...

        That's some hot sh*t. I'm working with a DJ/Producer and fellow native emcee to provide me with a hot beat. It's a masterpiece in the works. It's going to be hot.


        • Sounds cho, Carmen!

          That's gonna be blastin in all the rez bomb's next season. Dayum, I can already picture myslef bumpin ugly's to that one.
          Got percap?


          • da realness

            HOTTNESS!! you know that'll blow up cause all us can relate! go head chickey...and good luck w/the music biz, it's a lotta hard work & that's dope you got ndn's on ur side helpin' you produce... i'll be checkin' for to have it for sale too!
            "i don't like to walk fast man - i like to strut!"


            • Thanks for the love guys.

              Here's a battle rhyme I posted earlier on another website:

              Let me tell you something cause your weak
              Diamond in the rough, hey kid

              You couldn't maintain a "winning streak"
              If you was rhyming in the buff, naked

              I'll knock you out the starting spot make you the benchwarmer
              Play baseball with your head swing the bat and clinch homers

              I'll show off my text
              Lyrical muscles flex

              And bench press that jack a** then

              Crack whips
              For trying to match scripts

              With the best at back smashing

              You're gonna lose to me sure as you'd lose against Cassius
              You know what your doing shaking your a** batting your eyelashes

              I run this
              With iron fists

              I just played ya like a girl queer please

              Take notes
              On how I break throats

              Cause I'm major like the world series...


              • This is the follow up to the last battle rhyme I posted. Don't get offended. It's not directed to you. :D

                Why you testing my aim? I'll put a paint ball in your eyesocket
                Why you testing my game? I'll shoot a 8 ball in your side pocket

                I intentionally approach you the wrong way to get on your bad side
                Toy around with your nerve endings and sit on your mad vibe

                I create bars assembly line style like hershey factories
                Radioactivate your blood stream like acid from batteries

                Lock on your target like a radar a sandstorm's in your forecast
                Then pull a three sixty and transform in a cold flash

                Check it! I got multies but I'm more versatile
                Wait, hold up! It's time for me to switch my style

                If you have any room "in those genes" for a "genuine" rhyme trait
                Then I'll plant a seed and just maybe you can get your rhyme str8

                I'm "disturbing" sick sentences with "ludacris" expression
                "the peace" is nowhere to be found I lash out w/ aggression

                I'll have you "crazy in love" but "baby boy" you don't move me
                This here the real "Carmen" "beyonce" just played 1 in a movie

                And that's "lyrically spoken" like a genius I'll "fracture" your whole structure
                It's easy to be "never scared" when you carry weight like "bone crusher"

                I don't have to say more I knocked you out with this last bar
                Mess around with me again and get your head smashed hard...

                Well, what do you think? You liked it?


                • GAH!! carmen , that doot on that other site did get your blood boiling!!
                  But you showed him who rules the rhymes :Thumbs
                  Glad to see you've been doin' some writing while you were away..
                  Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved


                  • damn........


                    You ladies got some mad skills....much props Carmen, your flow is genuine and real..I hope to get to hear your voice on the radio some day....bumping the tunes!! I know ill bump in it muh rez bomb.! anyways......good stuff...ladies very impresive...peace and one :Thumbs


                    • Thanks for the love. And as far as radioplay goes, I know a deejay at a Standing Rock radio station that said she'd love to play my songs, you when I start recording them.

                      Anyways I want more feedback. That way I don't feel like a herb. Where you at Jibby and Smokey? lol.


                      • Just trying to keep this from being buried? Any takers? I may start this up in the 49 Forum, just to be on the safe side.
                        ***Edited for explicit content***


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