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  • N1ghtH4wK72
    homalosa and ojibwe-kwe who?

    Bla-ba-ty bla bla bla, stop babbeling
    Im about to walk away while you still battling
    homalosa and ojibwe-kwe must be cool
    cuz there sittin back writting rhymes on there computer
    talkin like a fool..
    Lay off da bear23
    cuz he'll put you on your knee's
    Hes so cool he'll make you drink his pee
    I know it sounds sick but you b*tches got dicks
    Im not here to make friends
    Im here to start sh*t again
    for you girls to say somethin stupid will really make me laugh..
    say whatever you want,
    but im not guarenteeing i'll stay awake to read it
    I might go in my bed room and go to sleep, anyways it wouldnt be worth to see it
    So i'll wait to hear what u have to say
    but i suggest you girls shut da hell up and stick to ballet!
    Last edited by N1ghtH4wK72; 05-11-2003, 04:12 PM.

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  • Grits & Beans

    Aah come on Bear I know you ain't going out like that. How about you homalosa? Gonna fight back? :D

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  • Jibby™
    *peace and one*

    Oooh now it's time for this Ojib to have some fun...

    Now look who decides to jump in--DaBear23,
    Gimme 30 seconds, I'mma bring him to his knees,
    He thinks he's big and bad, but all he's got is cheeze,

    They build arbors because of you? You've got a lot of gall,
    It's just to keep you seperate, cuz you sing with Eastern Bull,
    You begged to backup up Whitetail, but you know you never will,

    Now I give you ten seconds to turn your azz and run,
    You've got yourself in deeper than you want to be, son,
    Cuz word on the street and on this site, is I'm Ojib#1,

    Don't even try to clown my girl, Homalosa,
    Because guaranteed she's going to post a
    Rhyme that will have you dripping from your chocha,

    So grab that "mic" thats glued to you hands,
    Boy, please try to keep it in your pants,
    Ain't noone want to see your Tiny Tot,man,

    Time get your glued-to-dick hand outta here, I'm ready to switch into second gear...
    Last edited by Jibbyâ„¢; 05-11-2003, 03:36 PM.

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  • DaBear23
    Originally posted by DaBear23 sorrry if that was harsh...but if you want to see Image...then you should post your words on the poetry thread...this is freestlye enit?? And thast just what I did..if you want better stuff...drop some more..and let skeep the battle going..

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  • homalosa
    Guest replied
    Well done! I love your simple rhyme scheme and your pointless flow that never holds an image!

    Oh and the only way I could hate a playa was if I was in the room with another one.

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  • DaBear23

    YO YO...

    Aight bebegurl you really need to stop,
    you need to sit back.
    cause You style is generic,
    and your rhymes are really whack..
    You may be the master...
    BUt your challenging a champ..
    and I really hate to start this,
    by Battleing a Tramp....
    But you was the first to start..
    you was first to bomb...
    and you need to go home
    and while you there do me
    a favour and say HI
    To your mom...

    And about sittting in your class?
    I think Ill have to pass...
    you can take your classssroom and chair..
    and shove it up your azz.
    and this may be your passion
    but i dont really care...
    so go and do what gurls do...
    like fix your nails..and do your hair..
    and find a new style and
    a new flow..
    cause your the one that needs to ba taught..
    your the one that needs to grow...
    and even though your fine..and
    even though your hot..
    you got have something better with
    your next rhymem and your next shot...
    and just to let you know my Mic aint heavy...
    its glued to muh hand..
    and next time you challenge me..
    you'll taste the words of muh hand..

    Cause who I battle I dont really care..
    Cause yall have just entered the world of..
    da one and only big bad kazy bear...
    peace and one

    (I really mean no hate or to be offensive...dont hate the playa...hate the game)
    Last edited by DaBear23; 05-11-2003, 03:04 PM.

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  • homalosa
    Guest replied
    Call me master
    or mistress,
    you got drama,
    i shut it down
    and dismiss this

    it's like a passion with me
    with the knowledge
    I bring
    watching the minds grow
    is mental delivery

    so when you step
    in the classroom
    leave your
    [email protected]* in the bathroom
    take a chair,
    state your need
    and prepare to

    What! drop the mic homie, it's too big for you.

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  • DaBear23
    yo yo...whudup though people? I missed the first im here now... :Wave

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  • superndngyrl

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  • Jibby™
    Shut up, PokeFeeder!

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  • SmokeEater
    started a topic Lyricist Lounge Show

    Lyricist Lounge Show

    Ok. Since Rhyme Time was shut down, I thought we might try this again.

    So anyone who wants to show their skills, please do so. I will not add any other rules in this thread, just as there weren't any in the last thread.

    The only thing I ask is: Please respect each other. This for fun people. No need to get worked up over anything that goes on this site.

    This is a battle. All is fair in love and war.

    If you are offended by any of the content, either ignore this thread, or defend your honor...

    Welcome to the lyricist lounge show...

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