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    who's ojibwe-kwe? oh that's rite, that one roll in the hay!
    Last edited by Whit3_NDN; 05-11-2003, 05:02 PM.


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      Everyone's rhymes are tight, but they're not off the meter,
      So just sit back and take notes from SmokeEater.

      Homa, it's obvious you can connect thoughts at will,
      but even if you had SARS, the s*** you spit still wouldn't be ill,

      Cali rap is lame and hasn't been worth s***,
      Since Tupac died, September 13, 1996.

      DaBear, kid, when i read your post, dude, i was like, "please",
      That rhyme was so whack, i mistook you for Kool Breeze.

      I might as well let you know that you're not even that good,
      So with that, leave this thread, and do a duet with Litefoot.

      Ojib, the next time you ask me to give you another line,
      How about this one, "Me Love You Long Time".

      So with that I leave...
      ***Edited for explicit content***


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        Finally a man enters the room.
        I don't bow down, only for the drum.
        Still you gets:clapping: much love

        To JNonaime DuPree and Belly:31: Get Your azz back behind the line.

        Oh, and you can pick which lack MC you wannabe.


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          *So with that I leave*

          Someone pass me a bag, I'mma about to heave...

          PokeFeeder, please, please, please don't flatter yourself,
          You got as much bizness in rhyming as Bush does in the Gulf,
          These sick *** lyrics you been droolin are messin up my health,

          So you're from North Carolina huh? I heard you like to sing,
          Southern Eagle is looking, I think you should give them a ring,
          You can audition with your rendition of "Wind Beneath My Wings",

          Now I must say DaBear has has some game, although I'm not a fan,
          But it seems to me that you and Nighthawk are, yall look up to this man,
          Now go mud up your face, he'll be Eminem, y'all can be the Stan,

          Don't look at me ChokeNeeder, trying to bat your lashes,
          I often wonder if they make dick nicotine patches,
          Cuz, Queenie, you got to cut your daily to two male azzes,

          Who is this Whit3_NDN? Trying to holla my way,
          Oh wait, he must be feindin, for this sexy ojibwe,
          Wishin it was me, instead of that stankin chigoozhi-kwe,

          Please boys, yall will have to try harder, come with something effective or don't even bother...
          Last edited by Jibbyâ„¢; 05-11-2003, 06:17 PM.
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            Ojib you've gotta be from Canada with a flow like that,
            So we're gonna send the Salvation Army to invade when we're done with Iraq.

            Call me a queen if you want, it don't matter to me,
            I'm more man than you'll ever have, or more woman than you'll ever be.

            Call me PokeFeeder, ChokeNeeder, or even WifeBeater,
            We all know deep down inside Ojib wants to be SmokeEater.

            Stop trying to convince everyone that this battle you'll win,
            Cause your evidence is worse than what Powell presented to the U.N.

            Like Luda, I'm from the south, the land of Hard Knocks, Sneak Peeks, Cheap Shots and Low Blows,
            Where there's only sun and bugs, and a lack of bad MC's and no snow.
            Where down here Cotton and Tobacco are cash crops, and the means we've made dough.

            Where a good day would be to read, "The 'Skins Have Taken Over",
            From the Greensboro News and Record, to the Raleigh News and Observer.

            So Carolina come on and raise up, take your shirt off,
            You don't need to tell Ojib, cause she did that from the jump off.
            Last edited by SmokeEater; 05-11-2003, 09:51 PM.
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              No takers?:(
              ***Edited for explicit content***


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                :Scared <---------- Everybody (except for me)
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                  Originally posted by ojibwe-kwe
                  :Scared <---------- Everybody (except for me)
                  Have you lost your marbles? Are you insane?
                  I'll push you to commit suicide like you was Kurt Cobain
                  put a blade to your wrists so you can slice your veins

                  what's up with that siggy, you tryna be Lil Kim?
                  I can picture you looking like your avatar after a 1/2 a G of gin
                  too smashed to notice your short and fat with a double chin

                  that's funny title-Evidamablah blah whatever!
                  now check my title you see I'm STRONGER THAN EVER
                  I'll rip through you like OKC after a night of stormy weather

                  show me how a real ma do, come on canadian
                  ain't no future in your fronting you done went way out on a limb
                  don't give me reason to take my hearse out for a spin



                  • #24
                    *don't give me a reason to take my hearse out for a spin*

                    Don't even try to play my avatar, you better look again,
                    It's what your man wishes you'd look like after he's done his Coke & Henn,
                    Nah wait, he'll have to drink so much his head is gonna spin,

                    I might be Lil Kim, but who are you like?
                    Foxy Brown--short and ugly with flows like a dyke,
                    So sit your *** down, trick, I got this mic,

                    You may be an Eskimo,
                    But my flow is too cold for you,ho,
                    Give your rhymes time to mature, to grow,

                    Oh wait, but you're half Yu'pik,
                    So what is it? P***y or dick?
                    Cuz your sex is a mystery due to your pic,

                    About my title, it means OBVIOUSLY,
                    As in apparent, plain to see,
                    That I'm sexier than u can ever dream to be,

                    This Canadian showed you how a real Ma do,
                    I understand if you can't grasp the concept,
                    It ain't your fault you're you,

                    Got percap?


                    • #25
                      Okay you two... if this gets ugly, I'm gonna be forced to boot you out. This is not the place, if you two feel the need to duke it out, I've got a mud pit built where you two can handle it.:Mad
                      ***Edited for explicit content***


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                        Stop trying to get us ladies naked!
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                          your mad cause your lips are on my azz all puckered up
                          you ask me for a new title, well how about buttercup?

                          no guy in his right mind would find a crackhead attractive
                          you're like the bench warmer and I'm the #1 draft pick

                          the only sex you get is thrusting your strap on up your booty
                          plus you got sores around your mouth from eating coochie

                          here I go again wasting skill on you ojib
                          snatch your microphone and teach you how to hold it

                          I gotta stoop down low to where your at
                          so I can buzz this mic at you and give you slap

                          never settle for second I tell it like it is like Neville
                          I'm supreme like Ms. Ross your on a lower level...

                          I'm just gittin' started, bee lee dat
                          Last edited by Grits & Beans; 05-13-2003, 08:28 PM.


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                            Dayum! This battle just escalated from nowhere huh? Stop with the smilies. Just be mean about it. Where's a smiley shooting the bird when you need it?


                            • #29
                              Ok, KB--but just cuz you asked for it...

                              Last edited by Jibbyâ„¢; 05-15-2003, 12:22 AM.
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                                Pucker up, Carmen...

                                Oh wait, eff that--that shyt on your lip is contagious right???
                                Last edited by Jibbyâ„¢; 05-15-2003, 12:24 AM.
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