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    Originally posted by squishy_tradishY
    go jibby go jibby!:blow:

    please keep your legs shut okay squishy tradishy
    cause when you open them I smell something fishy
    you got this habit of cheering for the losing team
    I am doing to OK what the Mavs will do to your Kings
    it's nothing personal when words exchange
    and anybody that posts here is fair game
    so holla back if you can make your words rhyme
    I encourage you like I did OK come sick with the slime...


    • #47
      oooh hell no ! you meet me out back and ill show you somthing fishy like my fist in your face!



      • #48
        Originally posted by StormCloud
        What’s all this wanna be stylers doin up in here
        This ain’t the amateur club go play with your mamas gear
        U all can’t style, u sound like south park kyle so put that lame A$$ $hit in your moms garbage pile.
        Trying your diss and that’s and now u all fighting like cats move over felines before Uall get used like mats.
        Big daddy is in and he’s got game like sin but he don’t want your ugly asses go pick some weight to trim..
        All right young tenders think you can test this hunk, must have a trunk fulla funk cuzz flat A$$ is for punks..
        I’ve got the weight where it’s needed, now step up and be fed must have experience so I don’t blow off your head
        no lolipop suckin, lame A$$ buckin need some roni with juice who can sit on me sometiing.
        Check out storm cloud with his anus worn out
        I'll snatch OK's strap on shove it down your mouth
        I outta chop you up and package you like bologney
        d*ck too little 2 bone me and I ain't no tender roni
        U need 2 see the penis enlargement center bout that 3 in pecker
        we haven't met yet but I'm Carmen the #1 mic wrecker
        my bars infect like SARS I leave gashes and scars
        flex sick text upside your head got you seeing stars
        you got the weight where it's needed in your chest
        you be so fat you look like a man with breasts
        you act like you belong in the movie I'm gon get ya sucker
        cut through you with a butterknife cause you soft like butter
        let it be known, I'm gritty inner city and I'm sick but I'm pretty
        push you over the edge leave you hanging like your girl's tittyz
        Last edited by Grits & Beans; 05-16-2003, 07:02 PM.


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          Originally posted by squishy_tradishY
          oooh hell no ! you meet me out back and ill show you somthing fishy like my fist in your face!

          If your really a bad azz why don't you battle me
          said you'd put your fist in my face that don't rattle me
          no need to take it out back I'll squash you right here
          you sure act like you need a good kicking in your rear
          to accurately define me is to say I'm spit in your face
          hock the slime then hurl it and let it drip in your face

          what now?:Chatter


          • #50
            It's plain to see, whose got the fans,
            I've got them screamin--jumpin out of the stands,
            I'm the People's Choice, you just some no name brand,

            I've got girls hollerin Jibby,
            KB decided not to get lippy,
            And SE is just gonna let it be,

            Is that not enuff proof for your dumbass
            That my flows are hittin you--solid as brass,
            Rolled you up and smoked you like you was grass,

            Look at you now, gettin beat at your own game,
            You thought I was weak, but I put you to shame,
            Should never called me out, you are to blame,

            You best give it up girl, she-man--whatever you are,
            Cuz I'mma make you uglier by leaving you with scars,
            Your bitin rhymes and recitin r only gonna git u this far,

            **** trick, we all know you are the one who's jealous,
            Look around me--see the swarm of fellas?
            It ain't my fault that you were bred from gorillas,

            I'm the Beauty, you're the Beast,
            You're the meal ticket, I'm the feast,
            I'm a keeper, you're just leased...
            Last edited by Jibbyâ„¢; 05-16-2003, 08:19 PM.
            Got percap?


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              :worthy: :canada:
              ***Edited for explicit content***


              • #52

                slip on the brass knuckles pop you in your mouth
                is this the solid brass that you was talking about?

                you sound like dr suess with your mother goose nursery rhymes
                your sure to be lying if this was a race I'd leave you further behind

                you couldn't beat me if you had a freestyle how to book
                crossing your fingers won't help not even a rabbit's foot

                I'll toy with your brain to give you migraines
                crash your mainframe welcome to my house of pain

                shock you worse than if you were in the electric chair
                have SE rush you to the ER straight to intensive care

                you're the one getting passed around like mary jane
                wambam thank u maam guys are gone quick as they came

                you're faker than pamela anderson lee's tittyz
                that's why I give you a bad feeling like JLo did to Diddy

                this here is the survival of the illest not a popularity contest
                I'm like Illmatic and Stillmatic combined your just Nastradamus

                I'm on top of my game and off the chain too ill to be measured
                stronger than ever with your man on my bed giving me pleasure


                • #53
                  Originally posted by SmokeEater
                  Now to Shan, Carmen, and Ojib, ya'lls flows mmmmm aight,
                  But even if ya'll were virgins, your flows still wouldn't be tight.
                  I blaze mics savagely
                  who else can it be?

                  Carmen, I spit fire rapidly
                  at all amateurs that jab at me

                  Smokey you rookie you can't manage me
                  even if you did go to rhyme academy

                  I commit lyrical assault and battery
                  react like your a snitch who just ratted me

                  throw you off so you feel the pull of gravity
                  come at you strong and rip through your anatomy

                  lead you to your demise and do it gradually
                  and the aftermath of course it is tragedy

                  just another unfortunate calamity
                  bring grievance upon your family

                  and if I got caught I'd take the stand and plea
                  not guilty on the grounds of insanity


                  • #54
                    Sucka Sucka sucka sucka sucka sucka please u must have brain disease
                    Creepin on me like a nap, thinking you can rap, do it over try again cuzz your $hit is crap..
                    Like dugi said don’t cry dry you eye take your welfare check bye some gin and rye
                    Naa maybe that’s not your trip, you think your hip, yip yappin like a fool on crackan,
                    Smack, youre wack, so get off this attack, take your funky smellin A$$ home before it gets slapped…... u dry mouth knocka, wanna be talka, cellulite stocka, crack pipe sucka,
                    Don’t play on your lucka you dumb Muthafuka….


                    • #55
                      I came to this battle to bring the pain,
                      StormCloud tries to bring the thunder, but there's only a 20% chance of rain.

                      Don't come back into States unless you've got some tight rhymes,
                      You're lyrics are so lame, Customs won't let them across U.S. Lines.

                      I don't even want to waste time on you, because you're no good,
                      With a flow like that why don't you go and do a duet with Litefoot.

                      Ojie's got the only good rhymes from up North that I know,
                      You're the worse thing to come from Canada since that guy Snow.

                      You couldn't handle OK, cause her lyrics have got rage,
                      Try to get at her, you'll be Gone In 60 Seconds like Nick Cage.

                      Carmen you couldn't defeat me even if the battle was in Florida,
                      And you fixed the polls, and your brother was the Governer.

                      Then when it's over you'll want to get a recount,
                      And then sit down with Breeze and figure the best way to take me out.

                      Carmen you should have learned this in the 8th grade,
                      But you're best flow comes only once every 28-days.

                      You can't f*** with me, like Custer's 7th you'll never survive,
                      So leave me alone, and pick on someone your own size.
                      ***Edited for explicit content***


                      • #56
                        Alright I got to give it up for that one. SE had a couple of nice rhymes that were pretty funny. But please don't be recycling rhymes Smokey. We heard the Litefoot crack in one of your previous flows.

                        Some of yall took it pretty serious when I said "come here to hurt feelings". Yall are hurting MY feelings... and you ain't even talking about me. Well... not much. Am I gonna have to lead another group song? Everyone grab hands and let's heal these hard feelings... all together now, Elton John style...

                        "Can you feel the love tonight..."

                        (LOL @ all of you cuz I know your singing that song in your head right now)


                        • #57

                          step into the cypha and witness me do the most damage
                          you can't beat me if I came 2 NC & gave you home court advantage

                          I know you don't feel me that's cause your strung out and numb
                          from all the painkillers needed after I broke you off some

                          give SmokeReefer odoreaters cause you smell like sneaker
                          it ain't hard to tell that it's your style that comes off as weaker

                          you got a way with rhyming like you do with women yo
                          jackin flows like a criminal your winning record stays minimal

                          this here is a battle zone this ain't no playgrond yard
                          so keep your battle weapons close and stay on guard

                          I feed off your weak mind and I'm taking over this thread
                          the buzzards circle over head cause SE is as good as dead

                          quit this marathon if you ain't got the stamina 2 f*** w/ me
                          just hang up your mic if it's too hard for you to keep up with me


                          • #58
                            Storm Cloud

                            I will tear into SC and it's sure to get messy
                            I rip to shreds wannabe mcs that come to test me

                            be nice like Jay Z say excuse me miss when you address me
                            think you can hang with the top dog that's why you post against me?

                            I will leave you lifeless if you continue to press me
                            I'd only prey on you cause I could use some fresh meat

                            I'm the only one here that's str8 as far as I can see
                            Cause SE is gay as george michael and OK is a lezzy

                            When it comes to freestylin, check my brawn
                            it is what it is b**** and I got it going on

                            and if you can't handle my mic grippin and bustin
                            then you take your sorry azz back to war discussion


                            • #59
                              I may be dead, but like Pac my legend lives on,
                              When you're dead, you'll just be forgotten and gone.

                              Because you think my style is weak, don't call me gay,
                              Just because I Dismissed you over Dennis Rodman on Elimidate.

                              I may have recycled one rhyme trying to hit below the waist,
                              At least every new post I write is original, and not Cut & Paste.

                              I'll recycle one of my rhymes again, since you're a slow learner,
                              Role Play: You can be Tina, and I'll be Ike Turner.

                              Don't think that NC is the only place I've got home field advantage,
                              Cause my sis Ojie, can do my dirty work up in Canada.

                              Just becaue you can't phase me, don't call me names or pout,
                              But if I smell like sneakers, then you must smell like Trout.

                              Take notes little girl, write down every single noun and verb,
                              I started this thread, and I'm gonna get the last word.
                              ***Edited for explicit content***


                              • #60

                                If your dead I'm going to your wake to snatch your body
                                then I'm killing you again cause slaying is my hobby

                                you really do think you're like Pac don't ya, brother?
                                but you still got them baby nuts and live with mother

                                and if I'm Tina Turner well then I'm good looking and rich
                                and your nothing more than a jealous has been b****

                                shoot this ain't no lyricist lounge it's more like a playground
                                If I graded your flows I'd put you back in the 6th grade now

                                compared to me, both you and OK still wear diapers
                                this is a joke and I'm on my way to find a real cypher

                                oh yes! if you want to see some real live freestyle now
                                why don't cha come to Minnesota and I'll show you how

                                this thread is for rugrats Smokey so you can have it back
                                I'm out I'm going back to a real rhyme sayers habitat


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