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    so i'm strollin' thru to check out how "this real ma do"
    i mean she's gettin' madd hostile
    on posts that i reply and pursue
    damn - aight she's got game and a sharp tongue
    but shawty check it out - i'm the defiant won

    i don't wanna hear bout the party bout u had with ur chick
    cause you probably makin' it a girly fight
    and playin' with those fake d***s
    u speakin' bout ur body and ur t*ts
    shawty i don't wanna see nada ur durty
    cause u probably ain't even legit
    u probably the ma that went through with the fake type
    so u can post and boast about yourself to get you hype
    i mean u the ojib's finest right? show me something worthy of a fight!

    what the deal is?


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      You come up in here, droolin all your junk
      Only your flows were whack, they downright stunk
      U try to tess this Ojib, it's obvious that you'll flunk

      Kiss my azz, lil man, time to get on your knees
      No wait, screw that, your mouth is drippin cheeze
      Ojibwe-kwe, remember that name, would you please
      When you bite my rhymes and imitate my steez

      YAWN--I'm bored, ain't you got anything better?
      Or you want me to spit, make you even wetter
      U writin' all this down? Each and every letter?

      Watch yourself boy, I'm Native, I'm sexy and I'm proud
      And if you ever saw me, you'd be hollerin hella loud
      Nah, you'd never see this - only worthy men allowed
      Take your azz on, you're about as effective as StormCloud

      Maybe one day, we can par, maybe even chill
      Even though for now, my flows so sick you're ill

      Try to come at me, b***h--you won't get within arms reach...
      Last edited by Jibbyâ„¢; 06-06-2003, 11:56 AM.
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        ~*~wOoHoO Jibby~*~

        ya iz da sheeit girl.. gots mad stylez ... :worthy:
        Hockey is soul food.


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          you're style's madd wack tryin' to smack on me
          come with something more miss ojibwe-kwe
          maybe some originality
          or even deal with the reality
          that ur a funny mc
          tryin' to test the skills of me

          lemme tell u "miss" - this native is
          not lookin' for a handout
          cause that's what ur doin'...
          sellin' urself out
          puttin' urself on the line
          talkin' "i'm ojib and i'm fine"
          but babygurl check this steelo
          you're jive played and
          the fellas on this board done
          worked you like dam - u was they slave

          tryin' to work some rhymes
          to contend with thee
          shawty tell me off
          instead of askin' 21 questions of me

          i'm takin' down ur rhymes note for note
          and submittin' them to "the world funniest"
          and i'll be sure to vote
          for the most played - cause u got me on a roll
          laughin' @ ur flunky @$$
          talkin' like "this chick was all she wrote"
          but she ain't sayin' much
          other than spellin some acronyms
          which took you a min to come back
          and answer him...
          i'm talkin' the defiant_won
          cause shawty i rocked that @$$
          talk some more ish so i laugh @ your trash...

          what the deal is?


          • #95
            See now, I told you not to test me
            I took it easy on you initially
            But now you'll see the best of me
            Bwoy,these rhymes flow so effortlessly

            Cmon now suga, you know you ain't got no business talkin smack
            You walk with a limp, not cuz you a pimp, but your azz is all slack
            Ooooh so you were the inspiration for "Baby Got Back"
            Done smoked all your teeth thinkin they was crack

            A Ma like me only happens in your wildest fantasy
            BTW, your weiner is charging you with Assault & Battery
            I know the thought of me causes you to react savagely
            But he can't take it no more, boo, you got to yank him gently

            Grab your beatbox, and meet me in the park
            Because you are so ugly, it can be after dark
            I'll wait by the fountain, listenin for your bark
            Ur bite ain't shyt, so you piss to leave your mark

            So go comapre notes with your inspiration, SC
            And come back when you are prepared mentally
            To get hit with ish that will make u bow down to me
            On all fours, at my feet hollin "Ojie, I am not worthy!"

            You've got to come harder, baby boy--just picture me ;)
            Last edited by Jibbyâ„¢; 06-06-2003, 03:24 PM.
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              [QUOTE]Originally posted by ojibwe-kwe
              Cmon now suga, you know you ain't got no business talkin smack
              You walk with a limp, not cuz you a pimp, but your azz is all slack
              Ooooh so you were the inspiration for "Baby Got Back"
              Done smoked all your teeth thinkin they was crack <------------

              Hahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... :p I'm lovin' it!
              Eye7 Consulting


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                Let me jump back in 'cause it's been too quiet in this piece,
                So I'll pop back up unexpectedly like a bad case of the Herpes.

                Storm Cloud needs to quit trying to talk up a storm, and just give it a rest.
                Your cloudy rhymes couldn't hold water- they're barely foggy at best.

                There's no way you can shake me in anyway, shape, or form,
                Cause when the sh** is done we'll see who's weathered the Storm.

                You're another One-Hit poster with only half of a brain,
                Who would believe me if I p****ed on your back and told you it's rain.

                And your s*** still wouldn't be hot if you said it at quarter to five,
                In an Edgecombe County tobacco field on the 23rd of July.

                Defiant-Won, Now he's about to be another One-Post Wonder,
                Getting back at Jibby, Deviant-One, was your number one blunder.

                Defiant-Won you've lost, so you need to give up the ghost,
                You're only defying yourself each time that you post.

                Wanna battle with me? Dig your own grave, I'll give you the shovel.
                You wouldn't have a chance in Hell, even if you were Satan the Devil.
                Last edited by SmokeEater; 06-09-2003, 10:53 PM.
                ***Edited for explicit content***


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                  ***Edited for explicit content***


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                    ***Edited for explicit content***


                    • What's good Smokey?
                      Got percap?


                      • SmokeEater, THIS! thread is mine, punk you better get back,
                        Trying to come on the attack, but your game is whack,
                        lil fish in a big pond, sounds like a yuppie,
                        Mess with me I’ll snatch you up you fu8king guppy.

                        So you think you got skills, trying to dis the dan dadda with your one line slander
                        Fool you better run you better hide cuzz here comes the terminator, hunt your a$$ down like your name was Sarah Conner.
                        trying to breakout boy hold your rhyme, this ain’t your time, get in line, and stay behind
                        You getting close to the danger zone, don’t be stupid be smart and take your punk a$$ home

                        Saying you can’t be shook,Boy get a book, learn my rhymes, or loose you hand like peter pan did hook.
                        You can’t touch my style I told you that before, hey Jib pas me the Fo Fo , here comes a john doe, have him begging like a trick ho, leave you lying in the morgue Id tag on toe.


                        • Don't call it a comeback, yeah I've been gone for a day or two,
                          But it took you one month and nine days to write me back, and thats the best you can do?

                          You can take this thread, I guess you'll need it, for all I care it's yours,
                          It's a lot better than your homepage StormCloudsaD***suckingfa***

                          There's no one on this site you can battle and defeat,
                          You would still be a loser even if you beat your own meat.

                          You should have been more careful when Jibby handed you the "Fo-Fo",
                          Cause you put your mouth around it, thinking it was a d*** and gave your brains a blow.

                          It's sad that no one missed you when you were dead,
                          I guess every-now-and-then your mom gets choked up- no wait she's just giving me head.

                          Your moms got oral skills that should not to be underrated,
                          She sucks a good c*** better than that last chick I dated.

                          I hope you don't think that battling me will make your peeps proud,
                          Cause they're reading this, and shouting with me, "F*** YOU TOO STORM CLOUD!!!"

                          Your first mistake is trying to outplay the Devil,
                          You have a snowballs chance in hell, you're not on my level.

                          I'm the epitome of Evil, because Wednesday I'll be 23- still alive and kicking,
                          Because if the Good Die Young, how the f*** do you explain why I'm still living?

                          You dumbass lil' f*** Storm Cloud, I don't wanna battle you no more,
                          If you can't win this battle, how do you expect to win the war?
                          ***Edited for explicit content***


                          • ***Edited for explicit content***


                            • Oh damn yall, I'm about to get up in this piece. Ummm gimme a few hours tho, I have to search the net for rhymes that I can bite. *LULULULULU*
                              Got percap?


                              • Thank God I’m glad you set it off, think you all hard core but punk you just plain soft.
                                Thinking you can try and diss me, time I lock your A$$ up and throw away the key.
                                U acting just like you’re a bozo,, Lil homo, U a fag and everybody knows so.
                                Yeah I took your thread it’s no longer yours,,, Cuzz I heard you like giving up the draws.
                                U better hold on to your underwear fella, cuzz ain’t no one here wants to deal with a swella.
                                Eating all those nuts,,,,, cum all in your guts,,,,,,, bumping all those butts.
                                I got some advice for you homie, better take your life, Cuzz dead is better then you being a man’s tender Rony.
                                Smokeeater boy you just plain phony, Acting like your straight, boy you don’t even know me. Now put on those weights it’s time to hit the Bering straits.

                                Talking bout my mama, Bit*h I’ve got your savior and his name is revolver.
                                Lets talk about your mom, don’t be embarrassed cuss she ran a train at your high school Prom.
                                You should have taken her far, see now you got a scar from seeing her getting in and out of every other car.
                                Jonezin for the next hit, sucking every johns d*ck, the Bit*ch so dirty just for a drink she give your bum a lick.

                                You better back off coward you don’t really wanta see a StormCloud High Powered


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