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  • Originally posted by StormCloud
    Thank God I’m glad you set it off, think you all hard core but punk you just plain soft.
    Thinking you can try and diss me, time I lock your A$$ up and throw away the key.
    U acting just like you’re a bozo,, Lil homo, U a fag and everybody knows so.
    Yeah I took your thread it’s no longer yours,,, Cuzz I heard you like giving up the draws.
    U better hold on to your underwear fella, cuzz ain’t no one here wants to deal with a swella.
    Eating all those nuts,,,,, cum all in your guts,,,,,,, bumping all those butts.
    I got some advice for you homie, better take your life, Cuzz dead is better then you being a man’s tender Rony.
    Smokeeater boy you just plain phony, Acting like your straight, boy you don’t even know me. Now put on those weights it’s time to hit the Bering straits.

    Talking bout my mama, Bit*h I’ve got your savior and his name is revolver.
    Lets talk about your mom, don’t be embarrassed cuss she ran a train at your high school Prom.
    You should have taken her far, see now you got a scar from seeing her getting in and out of every other car.
    Jonezin for the next hit, sucking every johns d*ck, the Bit*ch so dirty just for a drink she give your bum a lick.

    You better back off coward you don’t really wanta see a StormCloud High Powered
    That was weak!
    My mama doesn't know I act so bizerk.


    • eww...yeah it was....
      Oh yeah, I used to know Quentin...He's a real...He's a real Jerky

      ~Flat Beat~


      • Originally posted by homieloverfren
        That was weak!
        Yah weak! like your MOMMA! , your POPPA and your Cousins too.


        • Storm Cloud, I didn't understand a word you've said,
          But it's probably the same sh** you posted throughout this thread.

          It's obvious from your rhymes, you're not a creative individual,
          Cause I can tell that your s*** is not very original.

          I can see that you're trying really hard to embarass me,
          Trying just as hard as some pw.commers proving they're Cherokee.

          If you want, each month gimme a check for $29.99,
          I'll give you an official "Greatest MC" card, and write you a few hot lines.

          I can count all the reasons you're a p***y on all ten fingers,
          Plus you've seen more di** than all of the Squeelin' Squaw Singers.

          Lets make a deal, I won't hurt your feelings if you promise not post another,
          Or we can go back and forth and talk about our mothers.
          ***Edited for explicit content***


          • Don't be bringing the drum up in here! ooooh boy juss wait till i get home!
            Got percap?


            • I'm waiting.
              ***Edited for explicit content***


              • Get him jibby, give him slooooooooooowww pain.

                I knew sooner or later you two would face off.

                I ain't picking sides I'm just trying to liven things up here.


                • I'm back up in this piece so grab your paper and pen
                  Got to give lessons on how to go from Boyz II Men
                  Gonna show my flows so lethal, it's got to be a sin
                  Bottle of Henny and Gin, oooh shyt I'm at it again

                  Don't get it twisted bytches, this ain't no "Motownphilly"
                  This ojibwe ikwe is about to slap the both of yall silly
                  My rhymes be so damn cold, it's downright chilly
                  Better believe I'mma tell you tricks what da dilly

                  To you, this is the Gay Olympics and your battle is the "BI"athalon
                  But you can't get over the hurdles cuz you left your d***os on
                  You two are running neck to neck, or should I say "palm to palm"
                  SC is princess after being "crowned" by SE's "magic wand"

                  SmokeEater, I am gonna start with your slack azz, son
                  I will defend to YOUR death the right to my opinion
                  Now is the opportune time to become a missing person
                  But wait, can I borrow your face while my azz is on vacation?

                  Baby boy, you should never enter a battle of wits unarmed
                  Cuz guaranteed I will walk away from this war unharmed
                  I spit these darts so viciously so please don't be alarmed
                  You're so full of shyt, your body is prime land to be farmed

                  You're fat. You got more "chins" than a Hong Kong directory
                  Anything you sit on immediately becomes trajectory
                  It's too damn bad there ain't no vaccine against stupidity
                  So do the human race a favor, kid, and get a vasectomy

                  It's in your best interest not to play my all women drum
                  Cuz the only "stick beatin" you know about is up your b*m
                  I've got to let everyone know your motto boo: "First served, first come"
                  Got StormCloud chasin you around hollin "Oooh Smokey I want some!"

                  Stormcloud, you ain't got no bizness up in this thread
                  I don't think you'll ever get it through your head
                  That SmokeEater cheats on you cuz you lame in bed
                  It's ok hun all you got to do is "make like butter and spread"

                  The chances of u winning this battle are like Eminem in a convent: "slim" to "nun"
                  Cuz your flows be as slippery as SE's azz, mine be "phatter" than Big Pun
                  The only time you should open your mouth is to change SE's strap-on
                  Don't test me StormCloud, your face is going to end up on a milk carton

                  So I'mma leave you two alone for a little bit
                  This is your last chance to tell me you quit
                  You played with matches, the fire is lit
                  Yall gettin wetter with each line I spit...
                  Last edited by Jibbyâ„¢; 07-22-2003, 12:43 AM.
                  Got percap?


                  • well i leave DVS/ shocked n stressed-cuz lyrically they cant contest/with this young native hollorin its-from the cradle to the grave/ i aint never gonna be a slave- could give a fuk if your my enemy / or a friend of me- cuz im the one that can stop the earths rotation in mid spin/ dont believe in the bible so you can say that im first to spin- ridin withthe devil n the reaper/ even had elvis in a hold called tha sleeper.............

                    ~*FREE STYLE*~
                    ~~ Don Juan's.. Like Shock-And-Awe, I Shock-A-Block On Ya Block-I-Saw, Cuz When You Disrespect Me, I Clock-You-With-A-Glock, I'm Like A Rock-With-No-Flaw, I Always Succeed When I Lock-And-Cock,

                    ~~ I'm Bearing-9's As I'm Tearing-Spines, Staring-At-Mines, During Daring-Crimes, While Sharing-Dimes, Im Flaring-Rhymes

                    ~~ Lighting-Ablaze Without Slured-Werds,You Cant Spit Gutta In Disturbed-Curbs Fighting~Adaze Around Perturbed-Herds, Sighting-Acraze Of Observed-Nerds,

                    ~~"Delusions" Are Caused By "Confusion" A Feeling "Exclusion", Its An "Obtrusion" It Aint The "Conclusion" For This "Intrusion"

                    ~~ My Demonic-Thoughts Is How Bubonic-Is-Brought, That’s Why Tonic-Is-Sought And Chronic-Is-Bought, Seekin How Sonic-Was-Caught, Cuz You Need Phonics-To-Be-Taught

                    ~~ Cuz Empowering-Tactics-Of-Mine, Are Inclined To Devours-Sporadic-Lines And Sour-Emphatic-Rhymes


                    • :29:
                      Got percap?


                      • Jibby take a little advise from me,
                        When it comes to keystyle battling,
                        I'm the Navy SEALS of rhyming, you're just ROTC.

                        Lesson #1. I've already told you this before,
                        Don't come here to brawl, come prepared for war.

                        Be prepared to pay the piper when you call my name,
                        Cause, Lesson #2, Anything is free game.

                        Lesson #3. Naw... back to Lesson #2,
                        With that, don't hate on me cause Carmen is a better looking woman than you.

                        You're rhymes aren't dirty, they're more like trash,
                        Mine are so hot and clean, Jibby uses them to bleach her mustache.

                        Damn right I'mma talk about the Squeelin Squaw Singers,
                        Seven of my Babies-Momma's, I can make cum with a stroke of my finger.
                        Then have all ya'll fighting over me, for an hour on Jerry Springer.

                        I'm not gonna give away how you got those hot lines,
                        But i will say Jibby is the only Squeelin Squaw who swallows for rhymes.

                        I'm fat??? Huh, don't try to hide the truth,
                        Thick or thin, I've still got more *** and titties than you.

                        I know why you're hating, when you're around me i wouldn't push,
                        Myself on you, or beat around the bush- get it? Beat around the bush.

                        F*** the Magic Stick, I've got the Night Stick,
                        If I hit you once, I won't need to hit twice.
                        I'll knock out the baddest chick.
                        If you don't believe me,
                        Then believe your two black eyes.

                        With that, I'mma bounce, and just let it be,
                        But Jibby think twice before you take your Period out on me.
                        ***Edited for explicit content***


                        • Originally posted by SmokeEater
                          Jibby take a little advise from me,
                          When it comes to keystyle battling,
                          I'm the Navy SEALS of rhyming, you're just ROTC.
                          OH SHIIIIIIIT!!! LOL! That was hilarious. I liked that one.


                          • Oh Snap! That was too close to judge! How about going another round jibby and smokey?


                            • Originally posted by Carmen Foxx
                              Oh Snap! That was too close to judge! How about going another round jibby and smokey?
                              Better believe.
                              Got percap?


                              • Carmen, why don't you coordinate the judging?Set it up for the next round, might as well get pro up in here.
                                Got percap?


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