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    Anybody catching this show on Tuesday's on NBC?

    I started watching it because I saw Ralphie May was gonna be on there. I've seen him live several times and he friggin' cracks me up EVERY time. I even saw him do the same routine two nights in a row and still laughed my azz off!

    So, anybody else catching this show and if so, what 'cha think? Who's gonna win?????

  • #2
    I was surprised the gay guy didn't make the cut.

    I think it will come down to the big guy, the guy in the suit, and the guy who talked about electricity.
    It is so sad that a family can torn apart by something as simple as a wild pack of dogs.


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      I really don't like that guy in the suit. I wish somebody would pop his punk azz.

      Hey, if Ralphie wins it (the big guy) and then Reuben won American Idol, maybe it's the YEAR OF THE PORTLY MAN! I got no problems with that. :Chatter


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        Yep, poor gay guy. He still looked so hopeful when that last key was being given out. :(

        So now what? They move in together. That should be funny enough without even another competition!:p

        Year of the Portly Man?? If I'd have only known.....jks is what it is...


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          I like the show it dont get good recetion though cause i use too many video games on my tv, maybe i unplug them and its better


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