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    I hate the dentist too!


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      Originally posted by Heinz57
      It's the crotch doc for me....I hate them damn pap smears!!!!
      lol crotch doc
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        .... how long does it take at med school to become a crotch doc...? :p
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          Originally posted by luvs2rodeo
          .... how long does it take at med school to become a crotch doc...? :p
          I think it's a eleven. Planning on getting a degree as a crotch doc? There might even be a learn by video degree on that too.

          OK, I avoid the physician as much as I can now that I'm pretty much to the most part, healthy. Went to often and am tired of them.
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            Hate to go to the Dentist. The sound of the drill drives me crazy.


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              This might sound pretty sick and twisted but I don't care about going to see any of them. I actually watch when they draw blood. My doctor thinks I am crazy: when he was setting my broken collarbone (right after the accident, with no medication), I was laughing because his hand under my armpit was tickling me.

              I have to see the crotch doc once a year, as do all women, that's a small sacrifice for being able to recognize a potentially fatal cancer that can be stopped before it even starts.

              The dentist is eff all. The only thing I hate is that he can tell that I don't floss on a regular teeth that is :p
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                hmm I dunno. Think I'd have to say I see my dr more i guess. However, this is the time of the year for our dental checkups so been seeing the dentist more lately.
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                  The only reason I don't go to the dentist too often is because my husband and I are young and we are kinda poor right now what with a 2 yr. old and a new baby! It sucks because since we don't live on my rez I can't get too much help for us to go. :Mad It's either he makes too much or not enough for us to get help on anything these days!!But my mother used to be a dental therapist at the Oneida Health Center so at least I can go to her to check me out once in awhile, and she can tell me what I need to do and what not.
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                    the mere thought of another human putting their hand in my mouth to cause that sorta pain.. no thanks
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