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  • Dreamkeeper( input on future stories)

    My name is LeAnnKing. My girlfriend Ginger is letting me use her name until I can figure out why I cannot register with my name.
    Anyway, my best friend was production coordinator on dreamkeeper and we are going to come here to find out what all of you want in the stories in the future and to get your insights so perhaps each story can be even more...
    I understand some thought a story or two in dreamkeeper was cheesy however, it was so hard to put on screen each know? maybe you all have input as to how you see it better. My girlfriend, Leslie Cowan, has another story ready to go she is hoping to get funding for. However, my friend Ginger says there are so many stories from all the nations that perhaps a series could be created. It is time for all of us to become truly what we are. I am going to law school at sixty years old and in my business book they have a tribal law chapter referring to how business was conducted then!!! Anyway, would so love to hear from all of you. LeAnn King
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