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You just won the lottery

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  • You just won the lottery

    You just hit the jackpot in the lottery now what?
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    build a bigger house with a special room just for all my shoes...and I gotta think about the rest:p
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      I'm buying everything I want.Then take a pic of me rolling around in the money and send it to LP and say "Half coulda been yours".
      Err body in da club eatin chips!

      A part of me feels so bad but ooh not that bad


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        buy a house pay off my car and bills....
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          Quit my Job, and move some where warmer!!!


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            Not let anyone know and send money to family and friends. Then I would pay off my debts, travel, buy things--things I don't need of course, and just have fun.
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              I would pay the rent on my apartment for a whole year at once.
              I would get that oil leak in my 86 Subaru fixed.
              I would get new lawn chairs for my living room.

              For realz though. All bills would be paid off, an extension added to the house. I would buy a condo on San Diego. Pay off my parents and sisters houses and bills. I would also buy a big flatbed pickup truck to get firewood for folks.
              It is so sad that a family can torn apart by something as simple as a wild pack of dogs.


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                I'd pay off all my bills, all my brothers bills, buy brand new vehicles for the whole family, set up college funds for my girl and nephews...uumm, go into hiding until someone else wins big so I don't get sued for some stupid thing or my relatives start crawling out of the woodwork LOL:Angel2
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                  i'd slap together a kick azz powwow!
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                    Spend my $$$ on family and friends who deserve it...Thats not too


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                      the same pay bills, give some to family and friends, and become a professional student and a new truck. :Chatter
                      Lost? I don't know where I'm at, but I"m not lost.


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                        "I'm going to Disneyland! :mickey2: " LOL anyone remember that commercial?

                        anyway ... I'd make myself legit again and pay off bills, buy a house for my parents, give some to my sibs, make a few new dresses and hit up all the kick-arse powwows for that year!! ;)


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                          Depends on how big it was.

                          Mostly get out of debt, buy a house and get my 2 vehicles new engines and running perfectly. Of course investing is a given, and college funds for my kids is an automatic as well.

                          If it was a large LARGE amount, my mom and dad would get a new house, my inlaws would get a new house and then I'd buy a **** load of food and what not, and drive to the closest res and drop it off!!

                          then there would be a few elders I'd help out as well *smiles*
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                            I would give my mom some and then vanish without a trace.
                            Err body in da club eatin chips!

                            A part of me feels so bad but ooh not that bad


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                              step_ 2_da_side.....i'm wit ya
                              blah blah blah....


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