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  • A look back by some of the old timers...

    I thought it would be fun for everyone to see what some of the "old timers/founding members" thought about the changes since the boards first started. I classified founding members as those that joined in the first year. If anyone else would like to ask them members questions, or add their comments please feel free.
    > How did you first hear about/find
    > What were the first year of like?
    > How are they different from today?
    > How are the similar?
    > What is your favorite "newer" feature?
    > What are some of the things you miss from the old days?

    Some of these things were touched on a little bit in the remember when thread already, but since I already contacted a lot of the old timers to see if they would be interested in answering these questions, I went ahead put this up anyway.
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    First of all, if you ever refer to me as "old timer" again, I will take you out! It's hard enough to realize I've been on here for almost 8 years as it is.

    - How did you first hear about/find
    I knew PaulG already, I think I may have done some beadwork for him, I don't remember--I seem to do beadwork for dang near everyone I know. PaulG sent me a message asking if I would be the moderator for a beadwork forum. I was still in college at the time and had pretty limited experience with computers outside email and word processing. I agreed and became the first moderator of the beadwork forum. There was just general crafts and beadwork back then if I remember correctly.

    - What were the first year of like?
    Unfortunately it was very slow at first. These public forums were really only known about by the computer nerds--no offence Paul, LOL! I certainly never knew anything about them. Mostly young folks, college age and a little older. Lots of general powwow talk, not much action at all in the beadwork and craftwork forums, nothing like today.

    - How are they different from today?
    Well, I really don't go to many of the forums, mostly beadwork and occasionally some of the dance forums but that's about it. I can say that the number of real knowledgeable people has skyrocketed. I remember at first it was a lot of beginners asking questions, which is totally fine, but now there is some real scholarly discussions from time to time. It's quite stimulating.

    - How are the similar?
    NDNs stil caint spel werth a darne.

    - What is your favorite "newer" feature?
    I love the powwow map and the video uploads. I remember when PaulG called me up and said "hey, I'm at Red Earth right now, go on the site and watch the competition." My dad from Oklahoma was in that competition and I called him right afterward on his cell and told him I just saw the whole thing live. He was baffled and couldn't figure out how I saw it from 1200 miles away. That is just too cool. I'm still holding out for the feature that finishes your beadwork projects for you while I'm at work....get on that one Paul!

    - What are some of the things you miss from the old days?
    You know, I don't really miss anything. All the new features, the faster upload--and BELIEVE me it IS much faster. Nothing has really gone away, things have just been added. This is such a wonderful way to talk with like-minded folks. The fact that it remains a free service and open to anyone is remarkable and kudos to PaulG for starting and keeping this thing running. This one's for you!

    ~Bead Man
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      How did you first hear about/find
      Hmmmm, I'm not sure..........I think I was doing a search to find info on upcoming pow wows and found the site. I know I was on the site for a while before I actually signed up. I would just mostly go and read what was being posted and later decided I wanted to join.
      I do remember I was using an old ancient dinosaur of a computer and it loaded really slow!!! But I'd just go fix a sandwich or a drink and come back and the site would finally be loaded!!! Not Pauls fault....just my ol' dinosaur!!! I am so glad to have this nice new computer and DSL!!!! whoohoo!!!

      What were the first year of like?
      There weren't as many forums........not so many different subjects to read over. Seem like there were a lot of threads on how to make items......because that attracted my attention at the time because I was working on a fan and needed advice.

      How are they different from today?
      Well, one thing I can think of is that we didn't have avatars. At first we could only use icons and then later we could post a picture of ourselves or something we kind of personalize our posts. I kind of like being able to see the faces behind the names!!

      How are the similar?
      Even at the start we were reaching out to talk and visit with folks with the same intrest as we have. We're still doing that!!

      What is your favorite "newer" feature?
      My favorite thing is being able to see pow wows LIVE thanks to Paul. The first one I remember seeing broadcast live was Red Earth. We weren't able to go that year because of finances.....we were so disappointed........and I remember watching the video and just standing in front of the computer and dancing. That was great..........ALMOST as good as being there.

      What are some of the things you miss from the old days?
      I can't think of anything I miss. I think has just got better and better. I like the diversity of conversations and the fun of meeting some of the folks on here that have gone to local pow wows.


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        > How did you first hear about/find
        well way back in the new days i had a little bit diff spelling of my screen name so it shows a diff start date today i think it was like 98 or daughter was looking for a powwow and ran across this site.. said dang mom check this out and i have never left since,,lol
        > What were the first year of like?
        lots of questions, less graphics a very simple pagelots of members coming in and trying to figure this whole thing out
        > How are they different from today?
        the website has come sooo far.. paul has taken alot of time to make this a place that we can all visit and just be
        > How are the similar?the same concept..a place for people with the same interests to get together.
        > What is your favorite "newer" feature?
        i like the user cp not that is is real new but like giving goot rep and getting it
        > What are some of the things you miss from the old days?
        being able to visit with candae princess 8 hrs a day hahahahah we had jobs that allowed us to surf alll the work day
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 other thing...........I love that we have the tutorial threads now.
          Man, the folks that have created and posted tutorials are AWESOME!!!


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            > How did you first hear about/find
            Well I joined when I was like 14, I think, and we had just gotten the internet at home. I just googled powwows! Actually I probably didn't google. I don't think it existed then. I just found the site and my family and I would all go on it sometimes.

            > What were the first year of like?
            I don't think there were many people posting. I didn't join for the first 6 months or so because I didn't see the point. It was kind of just cool for there to be a powwow website and the forums weren't the main focus.

            > How are they different from today?
            I think today the forums/gathering is definitely the focus or a main focus. There are so many people on here at any given time and that's really cool. You can meet people from all over on here.

            > How are the similar?
            I think people on are generally really friendly and helpful, then and now.

            > What is your favorite "newer" feature?
            The webcasts and then being able to watch the videos later

            > What are some of the things you miss from the old days?
            I seem to get a lot of error pages lately, but I guess that's just growing pains because the site is so big and lots of people are trying to access it.


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              Been so long ago , I don't think I can even remember ! LOL But I'm still here ! It's much faster now ! Lot's of water under the bridge.
              I believe blood quantums are the governments way to breed us out of existance !

              They say blood is thicker than water ! Now maple syrup is thicker than blood , so are pancakes more important than family ?

              There are "Elders" and there are "Olders". Being the second one doesn't make the first one true !

              Somebody is out there somewhere, thinking of you and the impact you made in their life.
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                well I first found out from a friend of mine at the time and just have been hanging out since

                Hear a lot of good/ bad about different pow wows all over the country - love that, great thing the internet, cause now I can see what people talk about

                it's been great has connected people from all over gives everyone a voice
                and the arguements seem to have calmed down a bit!!! people are actually talking and being civil to each other and offering better advice than before and it seems like those asking actually listen now

                a lot of the newer people, tend to bring up OLD ideas/ themes, which to me means pw's haven't changed all that much, just the people - there are newer dancers and newer ideas

                from the old days - i miss the arguments - people actually standing on their opinions and not giving in - I like people who have an idea and stand by it
                but then i like it that people can learn here, if they come at it the right way

                I like the way Paul will get ideas from us and actually implement them - he is so open YEAH PAUL
                I have actually met several people off of and made great contacts with others from here!!
                it was cool being at DC and hearing them announce it is great to know that Paul is starting to be in more demand and asked to go to great pow wows and do LIVE feeds
                Well will wonders never cease.....


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                  > How did you first hear about/find
                  hard to say! i think it was just friends having mentioned it and when i wanted to keep up with powwows.

                  > What were the first year of like?
                  it was cool! i got to talk to a lot of people that i had ran across at different powwows. i was on was also before the age of facebook and myspace, so it was a good way to talk to people and hear what was going on with other people from other places!

                  > How are they different from today?
                  wow! it is way different! tv, video broadcasts, enag, arcade, more aestehically pleasing! i think the threads are more organzied and ther are plenty of places for anyone and everyone to find a place for their random questions, comments. and thats a cool thing. the calendar with the maps is great for me who is always lost! lol! i do find myself getting back on at least a few times a day again...despite the 3 year drought.

                  > How are the similar?
                  well, there are still lots of really cool people on here that have tons of different experiences in the powwow world. on that note, there are still lots of random people who have little expereince in the powwow world and try to make themselves big shots on, its the truth. which is why, i find myself posting on only a few select threads because sometimes its no use arguing with a person about the right way and wrong way to do things when they obviously have no frame of references personally and who just rely on the 'how to powwow' idiots guide or something. ok... off that

                  > What is your favorite "newer" feature?
                  as i said before, i really love the little map thingy on the calendar. but i also love the live broadcasts from the bigger powwows. last year i was teaching full time and it killed me that i couldn't make the cali powwows to be with my friends, but i watched in online. how awesome is that! the contests, polls, and things like this that add to popularity is really cool too!

                  > What are some of the things you miss from the old days?
                  hard to say....uhhh...i guess i miss a few people who i used to keep up with on here. thats it.

                  [I]Okay! I'm done. Like I said, I have been away for a few years, just out of boredom and lack of true powwow people on here. but, i am getting around to it again. when i'm not with my bf, i try to find out as quickly as possible contests results, so i check often. or, when i've had enough of myspace, i jump on to try to chat with new people. its also my connection back cause now that i am no longer in arizona and in school, its hard for me to travel like i used to. so, its basically my powwow fix now! lol![/I]

                  be in touch!
                  ~~I'm not settlin for anything less than everything~~



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                    > How did you first hear about/find
                    I did the same thing eap7 did, I googled Powwows and came across this site
                    > What were the first year of like?
                    I think the main focus was on the forums and the calendar. I remember seeing lots of threads about the best dancers.
                    > How are they different from today?
                    The main focus is still on the forums, but now the website has expanded with the live webcasts, Powwow radio, the new and improved Esnag, MyTribalSpace, the newer logos on items in the Shop, and MyTribalSpace. There's also a ton of new folks here. And let's not forget we have a Princess (vote for me lol).

                    > How are they similar?

                    It still has the same mission: to share and educate on Native culture.
                    > What is your favorite "newer" feature?
                    That would have to be the live webcasts.
                    > What are some of the things you miss from the old days?
                    I miss some of the old members
                    Don't ever stop dancing


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                      How did you first hear about or find
                      My friend Junya * fly by nyte* turned me onto this site. He was beginning singing with us on Kau-ta-noh, jrs. and at the time, I had one little lap top, and it took for - ev - er to load one fricken thread. I would spend hours cuzzing out yahoos - and then, i would take so long, that the damn thing would freeze and I would then have to retype everything.

                      What were the first days of like?
                      It was a gossip haven. At the beginning, everyone thought I was a guy, so it was really fun. Then when they discovered I was this phenomenal chick, they thought I was gay. Flippen haters.

                      How are they different from today? People are more cautious today then they used to be. They know now if they post some scandelous stuff, they'll get zapped. Rules were a bit more lax, and it was CRAZY.

                      How are they similar? People still post stuff, but we work harder to monitor the boards - well, all my other counterparts do - I have been slammed for the last 2 years - and they have all done a phenomenal job!

                      In what ways has changed since it's original days? Shytz, it has grown beyond comprehension. I don't think anyone of us, including da boss Paul, ever imagined the growth that we have all seen. Pretty phenomenal.

                      What is your favorite "newer" feature on - I always dug the points thingee. I love giving and receiving points and repuation - how cool is that?

                      What are somethings that you miss that were here in the beginning that are no longer here? I miss some of the innocence - folks really came here to learn, and learn they did - sometimes hard knocks, sometimes, by embarrassment, sometimes just by the plain hard facts.

                      On a personal note, means alot more to me, and really affected my life a great deal while i was going thru my divorce. Thank God for the guys here who supported me during that very difficult time. And for the advice to print out the comments that were made so that I could put them in my lawyers hands. You all know who you are, and your support during that time, well - I don't know if I woulda made it thru without you. You will never know how much you all helped me - and I will be eternally grateful.
                      Everything is gonna be alright!

                      Be blessed - got love???

                      This b me.....



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                        I miss the scandalous stuff and the heated debates lol. There are a few wild ones that i miss from the old days that would discuss alot of the issues that were out there.

                        This website has improved alot and I met alot of good people on here including my wife and even some long lost cousins.

                        I went through children being born, divorce, death of mother and other family members and quite a few people were there to say a few kind words that helped me out. This site is a good thing for the indian community.


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                          > How did you first hear about/find

                          I was searching the internet for pow-wows and this site came up. It was totally unique and I loved the whole concept and started telling my friends

                          > What were the first year of like?
                          LOL, Rugged!

                          > How are they different from today?
                          People from all over are on here telling about pow-wows everywhere. And you get real info and opinions not the billboard talk.

                          > How are the similar?
                          People are still mostly friendly, love to talk about pow-wows and see who's on the same pow-wow trail as them.

                          > What is your favorite "newer" feature?
                          The snaggin

                          > What are some of the things you miss from the old days?
                          Nothing I can think of.
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