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Hey Im new someone plz help me figure this out!

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  • Hey Im new someone plz help me figure this out!

    Hey Im new here!what are the points for and how do you get them?

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    I'd encourage you to read the FAQ section. It tells in more detail. The other thing you should click on is the Points menu. There you can see the things you can purchase with the points you accrue.

    Basically, you get points for posts and for receiving good reputation. So, everytime you post or log on or begin a new thread, you get points. You can give someone reputation points by clicking on the balance scale icon at the lower left of their post. There's a daily limit to the amount of reputation that can be given and my supply will be replenished later this afternoon. I'll give you some good "rep," as we say, and then you'll see how it works.

    You can spend points on exciting things like a glowing username (see my green one at the left) or a usertitle (e.g., mine at left is "2spirit Str8 dancer").

    Does this help?
    When you are born into this world you reach for either a bow and quiver, which is blessed by the Sun, our Grandfather, or you reach for an awl and sewing bag, which is blessed by the moon, our Grandmother. From that time on you will follow that vision and be blessed.


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      Thank you soooo much that helped me alot I think i got the hang of it!


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        Kwe kwe Iroquois Femme,
        I hope you are enjoying everything as much as I am......Thank you for the warm Welcome!
        o:nen kiwahi


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