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    Hello. Currently living in Pensacola, Florida. Originally from Los Angeles. We survived huricane Ivan and are in the process of cleaning up. After a week with no power, you begin to understand how our ancestors lived. I really have come to appreciate electricity, being able to walk over and hit the switch, knowing that the lights will go on. My relatives in California feared for my safety and rightly so, after seeing all the destruction caused by nature and all its strength. It makes you humble and gives you a sense of your own being. But thru it all, its nice to know, that our fellow human beings will come to your aide. All working together we are rebuilding the area and will continue to survive as a community.

    Now my family and I seek to grow in our heritage. To get a better understanding and appreciate for it. Hope to meet some of you and share in your ideas.

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    :Wave Bamcubz, and Welcome Aboard! Blessings Be Upon You and Your family, you've survived Ivan. I just pray you're prepared for /survive Jeane, and the one to follow. Can't say that I understand who has what against poor Florida, but please know Florida is in my prayers, and so are you!

    Summerwaters :Wave :indian2:


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      yes, glad you made it alive. I wondered what my female ancestors did when they had to change babies in the middle of winter like 500 yrs ago. I found out and i'm sure glad they made it through.


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        Welcome to Bamcubz

        :Wave And it's good to read that you made it thru Ivan and came outta that with a whole new appreciation for things ... good stuff. :Wave
        Be Blessed

        "A person who works with their hands is a laborer,
        A person who works with their hands & their brain is a craftsman,
        A person who works with their brain & their heart ... is an Artist".
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          pft Ivan was a weeny! So was frances! I flew a kite in the middle of frances! Why dont hurricanes ever hit south Florida insurance money would be nice! lol. See I laugh at those people who left Florida went to Alabama and got hammered by Charlie! Ha Ha. They have seriously bad luck!lol


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            Hiya Bamcubz... I'm over in Okaloosa County; bout 40 miles from you. Ivan was 'alot' more than a 'weenie', several of my clients in Navarre lost their homes, and many over here lost part or all of their roofs. I'm thankful that we made it through, and that many more people didn't lose their lives. My cousin was near where the tornado hit in Panama City, and she was terrified.

            I have a great respect for 'Mother Nature', and know it could've been much worse. Welcome to N.W. Florida. Hope you can make it to the Thunderbird Intertribal Powwow in Niceville; it's in early November.

            ~Cya, Kat


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