OT: Looking for Joe Haynes in Kinder, fire at his place in Wounded Knee

Crosspost: Looking for Joe Haynes in Kinder


I apologize for crossposting OT, but I could use some help.

I need to get word to Joe Haynes from Wounded Knee that there has been a fire at his residence.

Joe is at the Pow Wow in Kinder and is hard to reach, so perhaps someone here knows someone... etc. that can get word to Joe. Or, if anyone knows of a message system at the event, any help is appreciated.

Joe is attending the event with David Sparrow and his brother Jerrold.

Any questions regarding this issue may be directed to my cel-phone: 734.657.4170 or to my email: marty AT martyhedler DOT com.

Thank you very much,

Marty Hedler

PS: Sorry again for posting OT.