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  • New Texan sticking my head in

    Hello , My name is Kelly Watson. I live in central TX on the Blanco River. While I am not blood native, I live on a 1000 year old village of Tonkawa and late Comanche settlement near the sacred springs at San Marcos. The spirits are so close to me we walk together everyday. I run guided canoe trips for bass fishermen and help interpret the river and surrounding wildlife and history for visitors from all over; mostly Dallas and Austin. I wanted to go to the big Pow Wow in SA today , but I am a little late planning it. Hope to meet some of you from TX and beyond. If any of you want to see this village site that is unknown for the most part, just let me know and I'll show you. If any of you like fishing , visit my site at Thanks for the welcome!!!

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    It's not too late to plan to come to our powwow in June 3-4, Livingston, Texas - Alabama-Coushatta 37th Annual. Only bout 3-4 hours south of Dallas from I-45, take 190 East. Big powwow, large crowd of spectators so lots of vendors.
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      welcome to
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        Originally posted by Leaping Duck
        The spirits are so close to me we walk together everyday. I run guided canoe trips for bass fishermen
        Wow! Cool. Could you answer me a question? You are a guide for tourists and fisherman. Do you think that your skills as a guide could be attributed to, perhaps, a spirit guide?

        I wouldn't say this is logical, but the connection could be there.



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          I would assume I have a guide from the past with his hand on my shoulder. I was exploring another ancient campground the other day and a spirit whacked me on the right knee quite hard. Hurt for 2 days. I went back today after communing and they were much more welcoming today. I found much signs of the old days, but nothing to take home. The amount of flint, snail shell and fire rock was amazing.


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