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  • Crimson_Rabbit is here !

    I live in MD but have recently found out that I have Native American ancestors from the Witchita Kansas area. My biological grandmother (I was adopted at birth) and her family was from a tribe in that area. I know that doesn't make me a Native American but I don't want to be called a Wannabe either. I sincerely want to know all I can about this culture (not the Hollywood version) and what my ancestors would have been like. I can't find out thru my bio family so I joined here to see what help and info I could get from everyone on here.

    My real name is Diane and I have a husband and two kids and we live in the mountains of MD. I am a recently certified EMT and love the health field. I am 38 and an Instructional assistant working with special education kids at our career center high school. Hope to make some new friends thru this gathering.

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    Hi, Diane, I am Stacy Pathwalker, married long time, a step-son in college who will one day design jets and my son will graduate and go to college but is in a band and wants to be a rock star which isn't far fetched since his uncle is one. I work with animals. I have worked with the vets in my area and run my own biz taking care of them and helping owners that have animals with "behavioral problems" with whitch I often find it to be the owners have problem and not the animals. Just call me a pet whisperer... J/K. PM me if you would like to talk more on the subject of animals.
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