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    a big TY


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      Originally posted by *~*n8ive_boo*~*
      Hello there,

      My name is Marie, I am new to this site. I just joined last night. first thing I saw was a chance to win some points but my comp is so slow. Tried this moring but missed it by 5 congrats pathwalker.

      anyhow, I live in the badlands. Dont have much of job right now, I just living and enjoying the day. I like to take walks near our creek, go sit by the natural well. The snakes are out, I seen one yesterday. the coyotes are coming close to the houses.

      Well, I am 30 years old. And just living off of My money that I have saved for years. and checking out of the city for awhile. too many ndn killers, too many kids going crazy, tooo many ndns drinking and dooing drugs so i came to the safety of home for the spring and summer, then I will go back there. unless I go visit my family on other rezervations. different state.. anyhow l8r
      Hi, My name is Claudia and I just joined about 10 minutes ago. I haven't even browsed the site yet. I live in Sumter, SC and I have 9 little injun kids and 11 grandinjuns. LOL. I can't wait to hear from you guys so hollar at me ya hear! Hey lay off that peyote pipe it will get you in trouble!


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        XXHey NB,welcome to powwows..Sorry im late...Enjoy..
        keep what you got
        by givin' it all away
        remember where you came from
        nobody or anythin' gonna get in your way

        'Ian Brown'


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          Hey from the UK,welcome.
          [SIZE=1]When I die,I know i'm going to Heaven,i've spent my time in Hell.[/SIZE]


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            welcome all the newcomers. I am a newbie as well.
            I am chris from michigan, metis heritage, along with irish and gemrna and a little of this and that lol.

            went to a pow wow in southbend indiana today, it was very nice, I got a plaque with the tree of life on it, very pretty story with it.
            anyway, not a lot here, starting school on tuesday, back to college I go lol.
            wish me luck, peace chris


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              "Respect means listening until everyone is heard and undrstood only then is there a possibility of "Balance and Harmony"
              the goal of Indian Spirituality."

              Dave Chief, Grandfather of Red Dog


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                Hi everyone!

                now that I finally decided to join, i'm so glad I have. Been coming on here for years, reading and looking at the calander for local pow wows. I probably won't post much, unless I have something useful to say or maybe help someone with a problem. No, I'm not a DR. the DR has a different meaning.
                Just wanted to let you all know that in advance, so you won't be asking me stuff about doctor stuff...LOL! Great to be here!
                gun control means using BOTH hands!


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                  Hi N8ive boo.........nice to meet you. Hope you enjoy the site.

                  Hau Kona means welcome in my language, which is the Assiniboine language.


                  Join the online community forum celebrating Native American Culture, Pow Wows, tribes, music, art, and history.

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