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I'm kinda new here and i forgot to introduce myself since december 2005

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  • I'm kinda new here and i forgot to introduce myself since december 2005

    I'm a Nakota and Cree.
    I'm from the Canada,White Bear first Nation.
    And I really love dancing,makes feel good inside my heart.
    And now i'm having chest pains for some reason i hope it gos away before this summer if not then i'm in deep trouble.
    any advice.Oh yeah i dance teen boyz grass and this my 3rd year this summer if i can make for the mens ironman kinda funny cuz this year i'm turning 15,and i'm gonna show how its done no offence j/k maybe.
    i'm making a new outfit now,its gonna be orange.
    Plains Cree
    Native Property mastrax,tha Grass Dancer
    Cree Unit C-Unit
    Tha Nakota Rez Dogg a.k.a Red Dawg
    Teens Grass Dance
    Teens Traditional

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    welcome to
    R.I.P. my Bros from the 1st MAR DIV, 3rd MAR DIV, 25th I.D., 10th MTN DIV, V Corps, 170th IBCT who gave their lives in the Cold War, Marines we lost in Korea during Team Spirit '89 & Okinawa '89- bodies never recovered, Panama, 1st Gulf War, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq...


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      oh yeah, i forgot to introduce myself too, i joined in december too, well i'm a Yakama Native and a jingles dress dancer, i dance for my dad who passed away 2 years ago, and i am in high school,i'mma turn 15 in July, and i hope to make some new friends on this site, and if u'd like to know more i'll be around
      Youngest Jingles the shy one

      "dance all your life, just don't be a dancer all your life"

      -no one can hold me back except me-


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        Hello and welcome to Cree Unite and youngest jingles! Goot to see both of you posting in the teens forum and also the Neverending game. They don't let us old people go into the Teens category.LOL Newayz, have fun posting!


        Why must I feel like that..why must I chase the cat?

        "When I was young man I did some dumb things and the elders would talk to me. Sometimes I listened. Time went by and as I looked around...I was the elder".

        Mr. Rossie Freeman


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          welcome to

          welcome aboard

          "A person who works with their hands is a laborer,
          A person who works with their hands & their brain is a craftsman,
          A person who works with their brain & their heart ... is an Artist".
          Join my on my face book fan page:


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            Hello and welcome!
            A tater tot is worth a thousand fries.


            Join the online community forum celebrating Native American Culture, Pow Wows, tribes, music, art, and history.

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              I just got a new PDA with wireless internet. I'm in class now and my teacher thinks I'm writing down assignments. This thing is wonderful!!
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