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  • Saying hi from Georgia

    Hi! My name is subeeds and I've just joined this forum. My Grandfather was Cheyenne. I used to love spending summers with him. He taught me a lot, even though I was too young to realize it at the time. The only computer access I have is at work, so my time here will be limited. On my next day off, I will go to the library, where I will be able to explore this site some more. So for now, nice meeting you. Eited for a P.S. I am also a beader, just getting a good start at it, so I would be very interested in hearing from any other beaders here. Thanks
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    Welcome to the!

    Glad you have Grandfather was Cheyenne.

    That's good to learning about computer.

    Yeah, I learned how to bead work last 22 years ago. Bead work is alot of work to do! But it's very important to have beads work on NDN leather outfits, moccasins, Medicine Bags, peace pipe bags, Arrows with Bow carry cases with fringes and others.

    I ordered Native American employee to make beadwork on the peace pipe bag, peace pipe with beads & fringes and lighter with leather & fringe and Eagle beadwork on the side of the lighter. She told me it'll take about 2 months or so to finish her job for me.....

    Her name is Annette Elkins Brown and her Native American store address is: in Alvin, Texas. That's pretty close to my house.
    Visit my Website & Forums: Native American & Cherokee Cultural Community. If you're interest it, sign up, feel free and hope to see you on the boards!


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      hope you enjoy the site.

      ...GoT GreaSe?...



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