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  • Late Introduction...indian-heart-beat

    Well...some of you already know me, I am always late lol
    I am living in Germany and therefore I am 7 hours ahead to OK!

    Last year I was told that I am 19,75 (maybe only 12,5)% NDN.
    I have no proof of my GGGfather of my Mother's side...
    but this picture of my GGmother of my Father's side.

    This is an outtake of a family picture, taken in Germany in the early

    I wanted to know more...each and every night I sat at my PC (Leroy) to find more info...frustrating...
    Then I decided to go to the Netherlands to see the
    First Nations Dance Company.
    This was incredible!!! In-cre-di-ble!!!
    Here are some pictures.

    There one of the dancers recommended this site. I love it!
    I got to know a very good friend here, who helped me really much. He recommended the GON in ABQ...I went there with his
    family. Again- it was INCREDIBLE!!! WONDERFUL!
    I have never seen something like this before!!!
    Here are some pictures lol:

    I am more than glad to be here!!!
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    well here is a late welcome. LOL.

    ...GoT GreaSe?...



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      Hi IHB!

      Better late than never, yah?

      One of these days maybe I'll introduce myself *grin*


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        Originally posted by stillrezin
        well here is a late welcome. LOL.
        Thank you!!! LOL


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          Originally posted by between2worlds

          Hi IHB!

          Better late than never, yah?

          One of these days maybe I'll introduce myself *grin*
          Yah!...Go ahead ****grin****


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