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    I'm a college student in Minneapolis and I am writing a paper on Native Americans and their cultural pracitices. I need to interview some people and would GREATLY appriciate if you could help me out. Here are some questions and if you could just shoot me back a reply on here or at my e-mail ([email protected]).
    Thank you SO much!

    1) When you think about your roots, what place of origin do you identify with your family? (Tribe?)

    2) Have you heard stories about how your family came to America? Or your families travels prior to where you are located now.

    3) Are there foods that your family prepares that are traditional to your place of orgin? What are they? What is their significance?

    4) Are there celebrations, rituals, ceremonies or holidays that your family celebrates? What are they? How are they celebrated?

    5) Do you or anyone in your family speak a language other than English. What language?

    6) Can you think of a piece of family advice that is handed down through your family?

    7) Have you ever heard anyone make negative remarks about your people?

    8) What is the family role of men and women in your family?

    9) Do you or anyone in your family practice traditional arts or crafts? What are they?

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