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Guu waa dzi hauba!

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  • Guu waa dzi hauba!

    Guu waa dzi hauba!

    My name is Shayai Lucero. I am from the Pueblos of Acoma and Laguna. I am of the Roadrunner clan for my mother and a Turkey child for my father.

    I just want to say hello! I've been lurking on for several years. Too shy to say much because I wasn't raised around the powwow circuit. My husband grew up on the powwow circuit and now we will do so with our two-year old son. I know many people on who have become many good friends and relatives!

    Hope to provide my input on some of these forums.

    Shayai >^..^<
    Once a princess... always a princess. ;-)

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    Hello. Nice to meet ya! Welcome to the site.
    Don't ever stop dancing


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      Hello!!! Welcome to
      R.I.P. my Bros from the 1st MAR DIV, 3rd MAR DIV, 25th I.D., 10th MTN DIV, V Corps, 170th IBCT who gave their lives in the Cold War, Marines we lost in Korea during Team Spirit '89 & Okinawa '89- bodies never recovered, Panama, 1st Gulf War, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq...


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        boozhoo..aniin.... hi from up in van bc canaduh


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          welcome to

          Weeeeeelcome to the site

          "A person who works with their hands is a laborer,
          A person who works with their hands & their brain is a craftsman,
          A person who works with their brain & their heart ... is an Artist".
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            hi sister...maybe you'll become a addict like me! LOL

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              Thanks for the warm welcome!

              Thank you for the warm re-welcome of sorts. I have tried other message boards for Indians, but they get pretty nasty and cliquish. I hope to learn more from everyone.

              Take care!
              Shayai >^..^<
              Once a princess... always a princess. ;-)


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                Hello and welcome. Have fun posting!

                Why must I feel like that..why must I chase the cat?

                "When I was young man I did some dumb things and the elders would talk to me. Sometimes I listened. Time went by and as I looked around...I was the elder".

                Mr. Rossie Freeman


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                  hello every one glad to meet every 1
                  [FONT=Arial Black]FONT]


                  Join the online community forum celebrating Native American Culture, Pow Wows, tribes, music, art, and history.

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