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  • Hi, I'm new here

    I've never really participated in a forum and I just wondered what everybody thinks about this, you know do you meet lots of people etc. Help me out, I may be a little behind but what's going on with the points? I'm not sure how this works, I'm probably the only person on the planet under thrity that doesn't know about forums and threads and points etc. I live in Ontario and I'm Metis and usually when I tell people this they say "oh really,I never would have guessed, you don't look native" I swear if I hear that one more time! Thank you to Drew Hayden Taylor for his book "Furious Observations of a Blue-Eyed Ojibway", if you haven't read anything but Drew let me know and I'll give you some titles to find. I know there are others out there who have experienced this comment, I'm curious what we're supposed to look like. That's my frustration for today, thanks for listening

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    hey.......nice to meet you. Welcome to the site! you'll like it on here. EveryOne are all fact, were jus like family! you earn points as you starting posting up a storm, lol.......well, nice talking to you.....Enjoy the site! see you around the board.


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      Hello and welcome to the site! This is a great place to gain insights and exchange ideas, I'm sure you will enjoy it. Just ask questions....
      A tater tot is worth a thousand fries.


      • #4 is pretty freaking sweet! You get to know people who are out their powwowing too and alot of times you bump into a few when you'rr working the powwow circuit! The points break down like this:
        Points Per Thread View: 1
        Points Per Thread You Start: 5
        Points Per Reply You Make On A Thread: 2
        Feel free to post threads on whatever! People post poems, questions, recipes, funny youtube videos, news, everything! Don't hesitate to give your two cents on any thread either! :P You can use your points to buy the little icons people have under there names (like my little ribbon)... you can buy icons for yourself or others! You can also get more points by beating highscores in the "games" section.

        As for people thinking you don't look Metis... Most non-native folk wouldn't know a ndn if the came up and powwow-danced on their face! lol I had a woman come up to me in a restaurant not to long ago and insisted I was from greece, most people swear my sister is hispanic and my mom has been pegged as just about every ethnicity you can think of. lol You're only supposed to look like the way god made ya... even if people can't figure out what exactly that is! Besides, I'll have you know the princess this year has blue eyes as well!

        One more thing you should prolly know about is the green bars people have. Those are "reputation" points and you get them when people click on the little "scales" icon under your name and give you either good or bad reputation. You can get positive reputation from people for making good comments or contributing good info to threads. But there's also a thread in the forum called "Spreading Reputation" where if you go there and just introduce yourself people will give you a little green! :P

        Well that was my crash course! :P
        ~*The only thing we know for sure is that we believe.*~


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          Welcome Mandymshiikenh, I am rather new here too and still learning my way around the site. I can also share in your frustrations. I've gotten the "You don't look native" comment even though I can see it. One of my elders told me to respond by telling them they've seen to many Hollywood movies. The other frustrating one for me is "What percent Native are you?" I was taught that one is Indian or they are not. So I just love them and say a prayer and do my best to give them information if they want it.

          Blessings to all my relations


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            Hi there Mandymshiikenh!

            I justed wanted to say welcome! I am new here as well. I am really glad you posted those questions, because I was wondering them myself...LOL

            As far as the Native "appearance" is concerned I can relate with you. My story is posted (( Introductions: Will you Judge Me?)) Best piece of advise I can give you and as everyone else has given me in posting a reply to my story is, follow your heart and dont worry about what others think or say

            I really hope enjoy yourself on the site, I know I do!!!

            May the creator walk beside you always.


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              hey welcome to this cyber rez. hope you make some great friends. there are some great people on here with a lot to share.
              I am not one of them

              okay that is a joke, I am a really great person, and I do have a lot to share, lol.


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                a good way to increase your points is to BANK THEM BABY!
                Not to long ago most of us had millions of points and then well the mean grean bead stealing fairy took them all away. you gotta make them work for you, so bank them and get that interest. you get there by clicking on points. any title that has the little upside down triangle has a drop down menu. go explore, and if you go to the arcade and you see brown eyed gurl's, or cheyenne's name forget it go to a different game.
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                    Hi Mandymshiikenh and welcome!
                    Don't ever stop dancing


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