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Hello Cousin's!!! If your brown...we're related...ayezz

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  • Hello Cousin's!!! If your brown...we're related...ayezz

    Whats up people. I'm new to this place and will be coming here alot. When I learn how to chat, I will! But visit my website. Which I'm currently updating.
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    That's a pretty graphically detailed blanket you got goin on you make custom snaggin blankets???
    Got percap?


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      Great Falls, eh? You goin' to the Milk River powwow at Fort Belknap in late July? I have friends who are prolly goin' there.
      "Friends don't let friends drink decaf..."
      Wakalapi's $49 unlimited phone service


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        Great Falls Huh Im here at C.A. :Wave
        *~*~*~Do Not Lead me in to Temptation I can Find it myself*~*~*~ :D :uptosomet


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          Welcome to
          The things you are doing today are the traditions of twenty-five years from now.
          -Daryl Baldwin: Miami


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            Thank you all...:)


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              Hi there Welcome to Pow wow and welcome from the mountains of North Ga. Cherokee country:Wave :Chatter :1Party: :jeep:

              As you say we are all related:D
              Will we live today as we want to live tomorrow or will we continue to live just for the moment


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                Hi Aaron! :)


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                  Tansi and welcome to!:D
                  Enjoy your stay and happy postin!:)
                  (¯`·._)Ït §M꣣$ £¡kë ®åíñßÕw§ (¯`·._)


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                    Re: Hello Cousin's!!! If your brown...we're related...ayezz

                    Originally posted by Aaron
                    Whats up people. I'm new to this place and will be coming here alot. When I learn how to chat, I will! But visit my website. Which I'm currently updating.
                    Hey noodles. I'm confused. Are you in Canada or are you in Montana?

                    Lemme give you some advice since your new. #1 is have a sense of humor. :) #2 is have fun. :)

                    Kick back in your chair and put your feet up on the computer desk. Don't be sitting straight up when you come here LOL

                    *grabs a banana cream pie (from the bakery hehehe)*


                    SPALT!!! IN YOUR FACE!!!

                    hehehehe. See you around. ;)


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                      Hi from a REAL REAL distant cream colored cousin.
                      One vote wonder.


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                        cool cuz

                        sigpicMITAKUYE OYASIN... "then I was standing on the highest mountain of them all , and round about beneath me was the whole hoop of the world . and while i stood there I saw more than I can tell . and I Under Stood more then I saw . for I Was Seeing in a Sacred manner the Shapes of All . Hehaka Sapa. dec 1863-aug 17 or 19 , 1950.. listen online TO KILI 90.1 FM porcupine butte


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