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  • Hello!

    Hi! I'm new to this forum, but not to the POW-WOWs. I've been to dances since the womb. Mom used to set me next to the drum in a cradle board. Who here can't resist the pull of the drum. I certainly cannot go to a dance and not participate!

    I'm in the process of going from women's shawl dance to Jingle dress and have a question about the fan. But I'll post that in another forum at another time.

    I'm 38 years young, live in Chicago and am of Inuit decent.

    Been to many dances over the years from Oklahoma to Texas to New mexico to Montana to all over the midwest. Been to several National pow-wows and have served on local pow-wow commitees.

    Glad to be here!
    I'd rather live on the side of a mountain than to wander through canyons of concrete and steel...

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    Welcome to the board ! Happy posting
    " J'adore les cacahuètes. Tu bois une bière et tu en as marre du goût. Alors tu manges des cacahuètes. Les cacahuètes, c'est doux et salé, fort et tendre, comme une femme. Manger des cacahuètes, it's a really strong feeling. Et après tu as de nouveau envie de boire une bière. Les cacahuètes, c'est le mouvement perpétuel à la portée de l'homme. " Jean-Claude Vandamme


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      Welcome, hope you enjoy your stay here! ;):39: :coocoo:
      Everything is gonna be alright!

      Be blessed - got love???

      This b me.....


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        welcome, have fun!!!!!!!!!!!


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          Welcome to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          The things you are doing today are the traditions of twenty-five years from now.
          -Daryl Baldwin: Miami


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            Hey, thanks everyone! I've really enjoyed posting here! Everyone has been really great!

            I'd rather live on the side of a mountain than to wander through canyons of concrete and steel...


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              Welcome-I'm new two. Outtie:Angel2


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                Hey there. Just wanted to say hey.
                one of my favorite quotes:

                "What we do in life.
                Follows us into eternity"



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                  Originally posted by nc silent quiver
                  Hey there. Just wanted to say hey.
                  Hey back atcha! :D
                  I'd rather live on the side of a mountain than to wander through canyons of concrete and steel...


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                    posoh Wicked! ("greetings" in Menominee)

                    I used to live in Chicago and may be moving back in the Fall/Winter sometime. Right now I live on my rez. Lookin forward to ndn summer comin up, two Menominee bands gonna be there singin' country, Thunder Country (my favorite) and Wolf River Band (they were nominated for a nammy.) I wasn't into country at all growin up in Chicago, but when I heard these guys live at our casino, they sounded pretty good!! Heck, I may even learn how to jig before I leave


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                      :Chatter Welcome :Chatter
                      :huddle: Learn to associate with the white man, learn his ways, get an education. With an education, you are his equal; without it, you are his victim. - Chief Plenty Coups, Crow


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                        Welcome aboard!!


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                          :) hello, hello...and hagonee....yateeh. hope you have lotsa typin skills....too adddicting this stuff...hee,hee..


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