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I'm new here! A little about me....

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  • I'm new here! A little about me....

    Hello everybody!
    I'm new here! My name is Jennifer and I moved to Tennessee from Oklahoma. I've been married for 5 years, and have a 19 month old son. I love working on cars, plaing music, cooking, reading, and making jewlery.
    Anyways, I'm Choctaw and I'm trying to learn more about my culture and hertiage. To make a long story short, my family back in OK always knew that we were Indian, but we never really knew too much about it. So anyways, my aunt Lala started researching our family and found the records of where one of our great grandmothers was written in the Dawes book of indian blood. Choctaw by blood. Anyways, she obtained all the birth and death certificates, and we filled out the apps to get our CDIB and to be apart of the tribe. We're very excitted about it, and now we're just plaing the waiting game.
    I am planning on going to the up comming Indian Festiville and a powwow that's coming up soon. My mom said that she would be intrested in coming with me, so I'm very excitted to be making this a family thing!
    If anyone would be willing to help me with my background and curture and such, please just send me a message and let me know:)
    Thanks so much, and I'm glad to be a pary of this community:)

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    Welcome to the insanity of I hope you find all the answers you need.
    I'm innocent I tell ya!!!


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      good to see more and more people are finding their way back.

      sometimes it is a very hard process to trace everything back and then get everything needed.

      I've worked on my family history for alil over a month.....still not even near at having all the family lines traced. But I did get enough to prove 3 of my family lines went back to the saponi's and Catawba .....good thing my family has been fighting in court since the 1750's to have courts recognize them as natives....has given me alot of family trails and proof. But then I ran into problems....all of my tribes have their rolls closed :( or from what I have seen thus far.......the haliwa saponi's email adresses on their website does not seem to work....and the occaneechi saponi never replies to any of my emails (even when I asked them to get me in touch with someone that can help further teach me the culture and history).....I sent them 60 pages of documentations along with my application and after 2 weeks have not heard from them (I really hope they at least send my documentation back) family is listed all over their website's "history" section.

      How long has it been since you turned you application stuff in? The choctaw people is really good people and you will enjoy their company. How are you likeing tennesse so far?
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        Oh how wonderful for you! I hope you find out everything you need to know. Do they have a local paper? On my rez we have the Aniishinaabeg Today, but there's a place in it where you can put a little about yourself if you're looking for family or some of your history and then people who might know your family can get in contact with you to fill you in. Hope this helps a little. :D


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          Hello and welcome to the site!
          A tater tot is worth a thousand fries.


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            hi jennifer welcome to the site. theres alot of people on here that can answer alot of questions or if u read enough you can find alot of information here and there.
            thanks dad for showing me the way, teaching me the language, and not leaving my mother...*L*

            *RoUg3 MoD sTaTuS*


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              Welcome to the

              My brother's girlfriend is somewhat in the same boat. Her bloodline is Mississippi Choctaw but her family's documents are missing, however just knowing she's part native is good enough for her.

              Happy Posting!
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                ac_miss, which kind of documents do they need?

                I can maybe help out.


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