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  • whaddup?

    Whaddup? I'm new here kinda. And I was just wondering what is there to do around here? Anyways I'm Oneida from Wisconsin originally.My family and I live here in Wyoming now. Wyoming sucks!:( But that's just because there isn't too many natives around here. Went to a pow-wow once and there were probably 10 people there altogether including dancers! It was sad. Anyways just wondering what's going on around here and where everyone is from and what not.:D
    If you should suck my soul, I should lick your funky emotions. Nothing's good unless you play with it, play with me baby.

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    hey how old r u


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      Hello and welcome!!!!!!!!!!!! There's lots to do around here to kill time. Stick around long enough and you'll be another one of the addicts!!!!!!!!!!!
      The things you are doing today are the traditions of twenty-five years from now.
      -Daryl Baldwin: Miami


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        Welcome and happy posting !
        " J'adore les cacahuètes. Tu bois une bière et tu en as marre du goût. Alors tu manges des cacahuètes. Les cacahuètes, c'est doux et salé, fort et tendre, comme une femme. Manger des cacahuètes, it's a really strong feeling. Et après tu as de nouveau envie de boire une bière. Les cacahuètes, c'est le mouvement perpétuel à la portée de l'homme. " Jean-Claude Vandamme


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          Hi and Welcome

          Just where in Wyoming are u located?
          I'm from Wyo. but I hang out in California now.


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            Hi, all... again, as the case may be. I've been here registered since 2004 sometime, but I am just now revisiting.

            I'm also a veteran over at another site and a couple of you might know me there as MeekoMommy...

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