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  • California Native Here

    Only 9 others from Calif? Born and raised in Fresno in Central San Joaquin Valley.
    So broke I'm thinking of pawning my gold toof!

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    great name!

    welcome to the site. happy posting.
    The only time its too late to start dancing is when you're dead.


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      Ima Cali Girl

      Been here all my life, 'cept the one year in TX when I was 7 (my daddy was in the military and got stationed there for training).
      My peeps weren't West Coast though- My Father and grandmother (the Osage side) were from Missouri and my moms family was from Montana. But I was Cali bred- would be tough to adjust to anything else. Dubs up- WEST SIDE!!!!!!!
      ~No Letting Go, No Holding Back...
      When I'm With You It's All of That~


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        Welcome I'm new too. I like your name. Outtie:Angel2


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          Cali Bling-bling

          Dang even the Cali ndns got the bling bling in their greeels. :D

          Well at least you got the space taken up by some gold and not a big empty gap that yells out "FOR LEASE".
          Keep your tooth spit shined for when we meet up on the trail and welcome.

          By the way you sure it's a GOLD tooth and not just yellow from lack of brushing? :Chatter
          Friends dont let friends take home ugly Men. :huddle:

          :indian1: THE DARKER THE FLESH THEN THE DEEPER THE ROOTS :indian1:


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            Cali bling-bling in the house! Trust me thee49chic wouldn't you like to know if it's CASINO gold or not. Madeyou look from calif maybe I made you look you just never know! I'll be at Sac this you crusin?
            So broke I'm thinking of pawning my gold toof!


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              Re: California Native Here

              Originally posted by Gold_toothed_dancer
              Only 9 others from Calif? Born and raised in Fresno in Central San Joaquin Valley.
              Hi Gold "TOOFED" Dancer!! LMNAO!! Great name BTW!

              Hope you like it here!!

              Got ALOT a family out in Fresno too. Maybe your a relation!! What up Cuuuz?
              Last edited by Gah-Gah!; 08-11-2003, 01:09 PM.
              If there ain't soccer in heaven ~ I ain't going!!


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                I should of said ~

                "Hilet" ~ Gold TOOFED dancer with you being from them parts!! Sorry about that!! LOL!!
                If there ain't soccer in heaven ~ I ain't going!!


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