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  • What do you think about this??

    I have been taught that when somebody in your family dies your sopposed to be in morning for a least a year... Which includes not dancing at pow wows. I have this one friend who just lost a close family member and I seen him dancing the next weekend. I wanted to ask what was up but instead I didn't bother. Thought well he must really need the money if he is dancing. Or do people not even worry about this anymore? Anyway, just wanted to see what everyone thinks. Talk to you later.

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    That all depends on how you were raised.
    yeah, yeah, yeah...

    ...never underestimate the power of stupid people in groups...

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      Yeah, it depends on how who were raised! Sometimes before a family members passes away, they let you know ahead of time if they want you to keep dancing! My mother, who is still alive, told me that if she passing away, she wants me to keep on dancing. For me, being at pow-wows and dancing, keeps my spirit more alive!
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