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Do you have a name in your native language(s)? If so, what is it?

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  • Do you have a name in your native language(s)? If so, what is it?

    Sorry if this thread has been started already, but if it was, I couldn't find it!

    I have no Delaware or Choctaw name, but my Kiowa name is Hauthol-a-gobah-mah. It means "Captured the Enemy's Metal Weapon." Cool and mean-sounding, huh? :P

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    kiowa name

    I had a kiowa name for a short while - muh bane

    and his was bay


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      Yeah, some people call me that too! :)


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        i dont have a native name:(:(:(:( i guess im not cool enuff or something.....or maybe cuz i dont have a tribal card yet:) hehe that mite be it maybe...i stupid kinda sometimes...heheh im hyper..........imma stop rite now
        when we were together,we never turned our backs on eachother, but now that were seperated,we cant stand one another


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          I don't have a name, but my Son has one it's "Wait till Later" he was named by Dave Trezak. it fits him, he helped Dave a couple of years ago.
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            yep i have a name!

            It means "carries many bills in giant shoebox". :Chatter
            aka "Needs money to keep electricity on". ahahha jk
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              Originally posted by superndngyrl
              yep i have a name!

              It means "carries many bills in giant shoebox". :Chatter
              aka "Needs money to keep electricity on". ahahha jk
              I carry my bills in a wood Pendleton box someone gave me at a giveaway. :Chatter


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