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Interested in learning about Oneida.

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  • Interested in learning about Oneida.


    My name is Wenona and I am enrolled in the Mohican tribe. However, I am told by a relative that I have some Oneida in me too. I know more about my Mohican heritage and would also like to know more about my Oneida heritage. So far, I was given a Oneida style women's traditional clothes in red and black velvet and ribbon to first learn how to dance until I did make my own dance outfit the following year. I have been to the Oneida pow wow in Wisconsin. I took an Oneida language class. I also was the lead singer to the Oneida Intertribal Singers of Milwaukee. I would like to learn more about Oneida women and pow wows.

    If anybody could give me some background on the "Two step" dance I would really appreciate that too. I really love that dance.

    Thanks in advance
    Wenona Gardner

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