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Lakota, 28, Male, Autistic, Intorduction

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  • Lakota, 28, Male, Autistic, Intorduction

    My name is Lorenzo, I am Lakota Native by heart and Spirit, but unfortunately not by blood/ancestral. I am learning the language with a native Lakota elder who’s helping me become fluent. I believe in the same beliefs and live exactly how the Lakota do with guidance of elders, community and the ancestors. I have a native dance coach teaching me the ways of our ancestors. I love dancing and singing for the ancestors and creator, supporting the ones who can not be with us here today, the MMIWG. telling stories through song and dance and so much more. I have always been drawn to the Lakota ways ever since I could walk. I believe the ancestors chose me.

    I never had a family, I have always been physically alone with little to no friends. While I always had native surroundings, I did not know many people. In my beliefs, the ancestors has always been here, guiding me and teaching me. With every tear that fell, with every pain I have felt, with every struggle I have faced, I can say with certainty it has been the ancestors guiding me to become as strong and to think like a Lakota. My first memory was when I was 3 and I attended my first powwow. The sound of the drums, the music, the songs, the dances, it was like something I will never forget and remember it like it was yesterday. Something was calling me.

    Years later, at a doctor's office, I had met a man who worked there as a janitor and was cleaning the floors. I ran. up to him being just a kid and was absolutely fascinated. The man was a native man wearing a bone necklace, eagle feather and had beautiful long black braids. I told him I wasn't a native by blood but by heart and spirit. He gave me a spear head and told me that regardless of where I am from, it's what is in my heart and one day the creator will show me where I belong. That next week I went back to the doctor and I was so excited to see him again but when I asked where he was, the receptionist told me she has never heard nor seen a man like that in the building. I believe that man was an ancestor's spirit revealing himself to me to guide me.

    Another occurrence I had was years later. I was driving up in Kansas I believe when I passed a giant park/reserve. I pulled in to relax when I saw a heard of buffalo. Lucky for me, the caretaker was there to feed them and I got to touch the buffalo. These are only a few of many stories. My point of these stories is, none of these events in my life have been by purpose but by blessing. I believe, ever since I was a child, this is where I belong. This is my home. This is where the ancestors have lead me. By heart, spirit, and adoption. I am Lakota and Lakota is me.

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