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intro peter loran airbrush artist kent ny

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  • intro peter loran airbrush artist kent ny

    hi every one! i am peter loran.i am a airbrush artist in kent ny.
    between rochester an buffalo ny.i am mohawk indian from akwesasne ny.i own loran graphics.i airbrush on any thing.i paint a lot of t-shirts and art work.i airbrush on cars,trucks,boats,helmets leather,denim,glass,plastic,you name it i can paint on it.

    let me know if you need any custom painting.

    thank you.
    peter loran

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    i guess a photos of me an my work would be appropriate.


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      Wow! Cool artwork!! Welcome to the site.

      Feel free to advertise in the Trading Post. Can't allow that in the forums tho!

      -your friendly neighborhood moderator is what it is...


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        I have never see a airbrush art work before and that is neat.

        Welcome to I hope you can discuss many of other topics on the forum here. Find the right topic you prefer to discuss about that. See you around.


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