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  • Hello

    I'm new to POW WOW,
    am looking for info on Kellyville, OK
    square ground ceremony, believe it
    is called Polecat grounds, Yuchi
    trying to find out time and dates
    but have had no luck,

    I live in Eastern Oklahoma, Seq. County
    Cherokee by blood,

    Thank you,


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    Hello and welcome to the board. Take a look through the powwow lists/calendar. You should be able to find lots of stuff :)
    A tater tot is worth a thousand fries.


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      Thanks, will give that a try,


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        Osiyo & hello everyone!
        by Wolf Lady
        Just wanted to stop in and say osiyo and howls to everyone!

        I am mixed blood Cherokee, most people call me wolf lady.
        In the process of starting a new wolf and wolf-dog sanctuary on Cheyenne River Rez, S.D.

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        Hi everyone,
        My name is Maria and I live in California. I have been enjoying pow wows for a while now and am quite fortunate to have found this site. I look forward to the next pow wow in my area UCLA and hope to see some of you there. Take care
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        hello to all from far away :-)
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        hello to all I am new to the forum but was looking at it a year ago or so

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        Hello to all of you
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        My name is Pia.
        Im from Germany.
        My heritage is Korean,native american,german and american.
        Not long ago I started to search for my ndn roots....that's something really important to me.

        It was so great for me to find this forum.With so many ndns around.
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