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  • Intro and some questions

    Hi, my name is Erica. I'm Scottish, Swedish and Anishinaabe... I just happened upon this site and thought I'd check it out :)

    As for the questions... no one in my family practices, or really even knows anything about our traditions or culture. My mom was brought up Christian, as was my grandmother... so there's no chance for me to learn about my Native heritage from my family, and I'm really not sure where else I could turn to learn even basic things. There aren't a whole lot of books out there on the Ojibwe nation, hehe, and while there's a lot on the internet, I'm never sure whats true and what's not xD So this seemed like a good place to turn to just learn general information, or get pointed in the right direction so I can on my own. Could anyone tell me anything about Anishinaabe history, the language, stories and traditions, culture... I'd like to have some grasp of this part of my heritage, and I know I never fully will... I'll never be involved in sacred ceremonies or speak the language or dance, but I'd like to have some knowledge of who this part of me is :) Any help is appreciated.

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    hi, hope you enjoy the site. If people knew the general area you lived in they coulf point you in the right direction to go, also where your family is from would help...good luck


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      Thanks for the welcome! If its any help, I grew up in Redwood Falls(MN) and my family is still there... but right now I'm in Pittsburgh for school.


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