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    boooz everyone... sorry i haven't been on for a while... i forgot my password once. tried again. and again. but finally got back so hopefully i wont have anymore difficuties... :)
    so what is new with everyone? with me nothing really too new or exciting. my life is just in a big slump right now. i am sure it isn't that bad but i am used to lots of things going on and so on, it just isn't happening. i was gone out of the country for a few weeks and spent some time with my good friends in michigan for about a month. then came back home and ever since things have been not so much FUN DAMN IT! lol :) but i am planning on going to do an internship with a theatre group and hopefully that will be all good. after that maybe going out to banff for some schooling if everythings goes well. if not i'm getting the heck outta ontario for a while. anyway talk to you all soon i hope. peace and take care. bama, nishkwe;)

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    Good Luck in B.C.


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        wishing you the best
        Better known an loved as Men~Nie Turtles !
        Life is what you make it. Becareful what you give . You just might get it back!


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          Which theatre group? I was supposed to go to that theatre school in Toronto... Centre for Indigenous Theatre. Two weeks before I was supposed to leave, found out i was... knocked up. lol... There went my toronto days. lol.


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            like woo!

            Thanks for the GOOD LUCK Matasawagon and WolfTears! I need all that i can get. The theatre group that I might be joining is called Debahjehmujig... But yeah the school that I want to attend is CIT too. But there is also one out west that I'd love to go to as well. I am sorry to hear that you got pregnant (not that it is a bad thing), but that shouldn't stop you from following your dreams. There are tons of suppports that help young mothers who want to go to school... Which you must know about. But anyway talk to ya again soon. Peace


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              Hi people! Just dropped by to see whut waz goin' on. Best wishes to you, and yeah. . .my cuz just had a baby (4days old) but she's attending classes in tha evening. Lucky me, I get to baby-sit! She's a cutie! Don't let your pregnancy stop you from achieving your goals and dreams. It'll be hard, (for awhile) but I'm sure you'll have lotz of support! LOL


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                Yeh, well actually my daughter is three now, and have since added a second child. LOL. Been busy. just kidding.:p Debahjehmujig, that's outta Wiky huh? I believe one of my friends was in that one time, the infamous Leroy P. lol. I gave up that dream, moved onto a different one. I just look at it as, if it was meant to be.. ya know?


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                  I bet you are busy! :p Oh and yes Debaj is out of Wiky... Not really sure about moving there, it will be so different from what I am used to that is forsure.
                  I know, or actually knew your cousin Leroy P. Isn't it a small world. I met him so long ago at the pow wow up there when I was so young. Didn't talk to him for a long time when I seen him again in Dance Me Outside. That was crazy.
                  I know what you mean about dreams, how they change. I was going to be something totally different than what I want to get into now. And still I want to do so many other things. Who knows. I'll be happy just being happy.


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                    Nah he's not my cousin, he's my friend's cousin. Was he in Dance Me Outside? I don't recall him being in there. I know he was in Squanto, when he was living in Mt Pleasant, my friend rented that movie and was playing his part over and over and over... she was just crackin up.:Chatter


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                      He didn't really have that big of a part in that movie but he did have a few lines... HA.. Squanto huh, I heard of that movie but haven't seen it yet. What is so funny about it?
                      One day you will see me on the big screen.. LOL HAHAHAHa Hey I have to get outta here. Talk to you again. peace


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                        LOL. His line was "DAA-DAA!" lol. She replayed it over and over when he was sitting there, he was just young in that movie too.

                        Hehe... yeh PM me if ya like to chat more.:)


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