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  • Hello From Michigan

    My name is Christina but I prefer Chris because it is less formal. I live in Southwestern Michigan with my hubby. I enjoy writing poetry, reading pretty much anything. I am in college majoring in Psychology, right now I am working on my Bachelors, (still) but the plan is to graduate in 2011.
    I am 1/8 Metis, but my Mom is still looking for the family documentation, so I guess that's all up in the air formally. I am unemployed at the moment, but am trained as a Certified Medical Assistant. I live a fairly boring life, just the way I like it. I love nature. In the Spring, Summer and Fall hubby and camp a lot. We love to get away and be in the woods and just be with nature and listen to the sounds around us, it's very cleansing for us. Sounds corny to most people, our friends think we are a bit odd and eccentric and that's ok, we like it that way :)
    Since all our friends know I am a medical Assistant, we have a frequent flow of bumps, cuts and bruises coming through the house looking for repair, and as long as they aren't bad I usually accommodate, however I know my limits and when to send them on to the nurses and docs. That's about it for me, if you have any questions just ask.
    Peace Chris

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    Nice to meet you.

    Hello and welcome to!
    You'll enjoy this site.
    What type of psychology are you studying?
    I have to take psychology classes to.
    Let me know if you have any questions! Take care.

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      Nice to meet you to

      Thank you for the welcome. Right now I am working on my Bachelors so I am doing mostly general coursework. At the moment I am taking general math but next class is Psy 302 which is Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Should be fun.
      Eventually I am going to get my PsyD so I can see clients, I would like to work with the Veteran population because I am a Navy Veteran.
      Thanks again for the welcome and the offer for help, I will be taking you up on that I am sure of that, I got lost on the site yesterday. :)
      Peace chris


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        I'd Like to extend a Laurel and Hardy handshake to Chris from Michigan

        May you find what you seek
        Make your daughters see the wisdom of dating/marrying DORKS not thugs. The most dangerous thing about Dorks is they just might kick too many people's tails on a video game or play GI Joe or Transformers with their kids. Or worse yet know way way too much about dinosaurs...


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          Thank you for the welcome

          Originally posted by MaileenasDad View Post
          I'd Like to extend a Laurel and Hardy handshake to Chris from Michigan

          May you find what you seek

          Hi there,
          Thank you for the welcome
          I appreciate your taking the time to welcome me. Thank you. I hope you have a peaceful day.


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