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  • Helllo

    Hello, i'm new here and i'm hoping i can get some direction to help me find my grandmothers ancestory or actually help find her birth certificate.

    My Grandmother was born in Winslow, Az, back in the days when the midwife's delivered her on the reservation. From what i've been told was that eventually back then that the place that held her birth certificate was burned down and that there has been no record of her born on the reservation. The story is that when a midwife delivered a child on the reservation and if they did not turn in the birth that it was not documented.

    I know back then when my grandmother was born, i don't like saying this but from what i was told that they didn't want to be documented has being indian which, i think is bull and that we shoud be proud of who we are, which i guess in those days in was different. I've been told that they would document the birth certificates and say they were of a different nationality. Can this be true?

    My father and uncles and aunts said that grandmother was treated horibbly back then. She left the reservation at the age of 15 when she married my grandfather who was from Mexico, and had some aztec in him. Can it be possible that the birth ceritificate could have been changed to a different cultual to avoid being noticed having come from the reservation and being indian.

    I guess those days were different back then. I feel it is ashame that they had hidden there cultural. I respect my ancestors and believe that we should be proud of who ever we are and no matter what cultural we are from or what we inside of us. I am proud to be a little of mixed between my mother and father. I look at my grandmothers and great grandmother and grandfathers pictures and my you can tell they are from the background of being indian.

    Do any of you know the first thing I could do to try and find out which way i should start looking.

    Thank you for letting me join this site and i look forward to having new friends and learning more about all the different things here.

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