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  • Kanyen'kehaka

    She:Kon BroseShuffz yonkyats wakhskare:wake.

    Hello, I am BroseShuffz of the Bear clan. I am trying to reconnect with my heritage. My family is Mohawk but I only recently made contact with them. They are great and loving people and I feel 100% comfortable with them already. I am now recovering my heritage, because I feel it is important to understand who I am. The system doesn't wish to recognise me for who I am (As I am 4th gen), but now I know and thats all I need. I never realized how much is involved in our culture, and it is a lil bit upsetting to know I have missed 17 years of it. But, what can you do eh? I recently went to a different nations pow wow as it was closer to home than my family's hometown. It was awesome! I love how much we dance! I love dancing and that kinda helped it all settle in a bit smoother. Long way to go!

    So shoutout to all you mohawks out there! Get at me with a pm or something. Would love to talk!

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    She:kon Bronse:

    Not Mohawk, but I spent a number of years on your territory going to school and meet some wonderful folk, learned a few dances and songs along the way and became addicted to corn soup.

    Not sure if you are on the Canadian or American side but Tyendinaga has their pow-wow around Aug 12 - you could call them and ask. I always had so much fun there.

    Have a look for articles on Dakota Brant as she is an aspiring young women and is the recipient of the Youth Aboriginal Achievement awards.

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      Originally posted by yaahl View Post
      Not sure if you are on the Canadian or American side but Tyendinaga has their pow-wow around Aug 12.
      I am of the Canadian Mohawks. Thank you for the insight and the greeting though. My family's rez is having a pow wow on the 26th of august so I am looking forward to that. Thanks alot for the information you shared thats extremely helpful.



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