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  • Hello from rednbloo

    I don't know how many times I have been poking around on this site and never even introduced myself. Well I hate to say too, I was never good at introducing myself either haha >.<

    Well I am an enrolled member of the Sac-and-Fox Nation of Oklahoma but resided in Kansas all my life and I am kinda new to this site

    I hope to get to know some of you awesome people and well learn a few things.

    Well that's all
    ^_^ ~rednbloo~
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    hello and please help :)

    [FONT="Arial:[/FONT] i'm really NEW to this site my 1st time. have no clue what to do with it now. i could really use help how do i play games and find people to talk to ???


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      Howdy and welcome aboard ya'll......

      Games are up top under the tab marked Arcade...and just keep talking..others will join in shortly!!

      Hope ya'll are enjoying the site!!!
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        Hello and welcome to, [MENTION=82737]rednbloo[/MENTION] ! Feel free to browse, post, create, and you certainly are more than welcome to jump in on any of the many discussions going on here on our forums. Be sure to check our amazing selection of ever-growing articles, photos, videos, and information pages. Don't forget to cool off at the Red Horse Cafe with a little digital food and hilarious banter!

        Don't forget to join us for our live webcasts from several of the biggest powwows in ndn country. The first one we will be broadcasting from is Gathering Of Nations from April 26th to the 28th 2012! There will be a live stream and a live blog for chatting and commenting and Facebook based chat window as well. These webcasts and chats are always a fun time.
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          Hi welcome to the site. Happy posting!

          We have a weekend bingo game running. There are prizes and lots of fun searching for the numbers - they are hidden in threads by Wyo_rose. Get your card and join in the fun.
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            Morning and all! Enjoy your stay and coffee is free with a small donation of fry bread
            I'm innocent I tell ya!!!


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              hiya rednbloo....where's blacknyello? or redfoo with that big black fro? j/ neways....welcome to the site...see ya around.
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                Originally posted by Chevy_truckin_NDN View Post
                hiya rednbloo....where's blacknyello? or redfoo with that big black fro? j/ neways....welcome to the site...see ya around.
                Haven't seen them lately, wonder where they ran off too
                They don't know that we know, they know, we know, you know?

                Confused yet?

                Yes I dance in my car

                Yes I see you
                No I don't care


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                  hola joven y dar la bienvenida a la junta.


                  hello young lady and welcome to the board

                  NO, I'm not Mexican, but I do play one for tourists. lol


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                    Hello and welcome!!


                    Join the online community forum celebrating Native American Culture, Pow Wows, tribes, music, art, and history.

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                      So I'll post here :)
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