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    Hey all! I'm new here and was just having a look around. I've noticed alot of mention of "cards" here and there. I don't have one, so don't bother with all that. I was raised knowing my heritage of Lumbee & Cherokee as well as Scotch Irish. If you have to know my pedigree, my grandfather on my father's side was Lumbee, and my mother's side? *shrugs* Somewhere about 3 generations back there was "Big Mama" who was full-blooded Cherokee. As to her real name, I haven't a clue. I spent my summers as a child playing at the Okunoluftee Village with my dad's cousin, we grew bead plants in the back yard, and I've always had a pair of moccosins by my bed from as far back as I can remember, but all that aside, I've got some questions! Part of the reason I joined this site was to learn why it is that my son (who's father is 1/2 Cherokee) can dance at pow wows without question and when people look at me, there's no doubt as to my ancestry due to my facial structure, etc....but when it comes to me wanting to display my artwork, it's "Where's your card?" My dad could most likely help me if I were to really want one, but being I live out in Arkansas now and am probably the ONLY Lumbee in the state, I don't think that'd really be acceptable to tribal elders. Anybody out there have any advice? I know I sound kinda pissed off and my apologies for that, but I kinda am. I'm tired of being termed as "wannabe". I'm Tuscorora (Lumbee/Cherokee). My parents saw to it that I KNEW where I came from but it seems that more and more I have to PROVE it! Help?!
    "These days people seek knowledge, not wisdom. Knowledge is of the past, wisdom is of the future" (Lumbee)

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