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    Hello, is a business just starting out to cover the gamut of arts, crafts and delights made by our lilo family.

    We range from the South Eastern PLains of Montana to the Foothills of Appalachia. We are DIY oriented and hope one day to do distribution for crafting supplies in addition to making goods.
    At this point we do not have a business front. Perhaps within 3 years tho we will be setting up mobile shop in powwow country to share with all.

    So Hellohowyahdoin from all of us at
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    Normally, we ask trade folks to get permission from the site owner to advertise their business. We have a trading post section that you can purchase advertising there.

    I've removed your links and trade name until we get the ok from the site owner that you can advertise here.
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      We werent trying to sell here or on facebook page, this was just for viewing pleasure and Forum interaction. In fact we dont even have anything for sale at this point. Still in Closed Beta phase developing.

      Only posted FB page because some users share theirs. Understand your concerns tho. Just trying to socialize


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