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  • Stopping by to say "hi!"

    Life's been crazy and I haven't been on the site much lately. I started my journey back to school over 3 years ago and in less than 2 weeks I'll be done. I'm looking forward to relocating to Arizona and starting a new career in health care, working with Native folks and trying to promote good health. Hope everybody had a good turkey day and didn't overeat like I did, LOL!

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    Best wishes for your move and new career!! Hoping it all goes well!!


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      Giving Thanks for your update here! Congrats on reaching your goal!


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        Good to hear from you that's soo awesum you will be done with school soon good job!! Sure miss you on here. Yes, had a good turkey day hope you did too. Good luck on your new career and your new location. You will do fine. Stay in touch and take care!!


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          Congrats on the accomplishments!!Good luck in the new career. I'm going to try and get healthier in the new year, with more herbal remedies. They worked for our ancestors for hundreds of years, so I don't see why they can't work now.
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            Hi NoA! Long time no see or hear, but glad you're doing okay. Congratulations on your achievements! I certainly wish you success in all your endeavors in the future.
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              all i can say is that the snowbirds beat you to AZ!

              if you see a lady driving down the street with their right turn light blinking and she makes a left turn ... you know the snowbirds are in town!

              congratulations on your accomplishments and have a safe journey to AZ. do you know which nation you will be working with? There is Fort McDowell Yavapai, Salt River Pima-Maricopa, Gila River, Ak-chin, Pascua Yaqui, or the mixture of all peoples in metro Phoenix?


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                Thanks to everybody for their well wishes. Finally made it here in January. I passed my nursing board exam last week, but I'm still waiting for the fingerprint check to get back from the FBI so I can get my license. We didn't have that requirement in WI, just the basic background check. Unless I've committed a crime while sleepwalking, I'll be okay - just have to wait for the wheels to turn. No job yet, but I'm keeping my eyes open. I have spoken to people at Phoenix Indian Medical Center, Native Health, Salt River Pima-Maricopa and Gila River Indian Community. I visited Gila River in Sacaton today and got to talk to some folks there. There is nice hospital there, and they also have a couple of primary care clinics. Unfortunately, I can't get a job without the RN license - .

                So, I've just kept myself busy getting the kids settled in school and watching the internet for job postings...and enjoying plenty of sunshine and warm weather. It's good to be home!


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                  Glad you got moved safe! Good luck with the waiting game !
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                  Somebody is out there somewhere, thinking of you and the impact you made in their life.
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