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  • Hi Everyone!

    I would like to introduce myself. I am very adoption case was finally opened in Ohio and I have found my birth parents. And, like I suspected, my mother was full blooded Cherokee..descentdant of Lucy bearpaw proctor. My mother has died and I want to honor her by becoming more educated about her tribe. I wish to honor her by learning the only language she spoke and I wish to feel closer to her by becoming a member of her tribe and following in the traditions that were lost with my adoption.

    Thanks for reading!

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    How cool. Hope you find for what you search.

    I all Cherokees speak the same language and have the same traditions? Heck, are they all from the same tribe?

    Why must I feel like that..why must I chase the cat?

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      I know the name of her tribe. I was hoping that knowing this would help me learn her language and her traditions. My mother was just learning english when she died. But I could be wrong, perhaps, their is more than one language per tribe. That is one of the reasons I have joined this site, to become more educated!

      Thanks for the welcome!


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        Welcome to

        The Cherokee have 3 tribes... the Nation, the Keetoowah band, and the Eastern band. They speak Cherokee and English.

        Good luck connecting with your family and learning all you can.
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          the tribe

          Thank you so much. Its the the Keetoowah band.


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            Shekoli (hello)

            hy nice to meet everyone one here. im Oneida of Wisconsin


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              hi to everyone on here


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                Originally posted by ladyvee View Post
                Thank you so much. Its the the Keetoowah band.

                Adoption...I learned a bit through a young man's journey, his foster mom had me take him to powwows to stay away from local influences.

                Time came when he could see his papers, and he was actually born from parents of "non-powwow" tribes. (I am not specific for good reasons)

                Twists and turns of life...and life goes on...


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